Idiocrat George Clooney says Americans’ right to free speech is ‘unfortunate’

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Idiocrat George Clooney says Americans’ right to free speech is ‘unfortunate’

We’ve all been waiting with bated breath for Obama pal George Clooney to weigh in on the anti-Islam film that supposedly launched a thousand riots. Well, that time has finally come. Movieline editor Frank DiGiacomo, who still blames “The Innocence of Muslims” for sparking global anti-American riots, asked Clooney how he felt about the film:

For one thing, he said, “I’m not quite sure that those diplomats did die as a result of that movie. It seems more like that was a coordinated effort by Al Qaeda” to make a statement on the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on U.S. soil.

A shockingly astute assessment. If only he would have stopped there. Alas, he did not.

Clooney continued:

“Freedom of speech means you have to allow idiots to speak, and that’s the unfortunate thing.” “This guy clearly wanted to create problems,” he continued referring to Nakoula Basseley, the Egyptian immigrant who appears to have masterminded the making of Innocence of Muslims. Clooney added that he saw part of the YouTube video: “It made me mad and I’m not Muslim,” he said. “It made me mad for the quality of film that it was, more than anything. But the simple truth is that in order to make [democracy] work, the idiots get to have their say, too. And that’s unfortunate.”

Yeah … freedom of speech. Idiots are allowed to exercise it, too. How inconvenient!

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Twitterers exercised their free speech and rightly gave Clooney the business:

George Clooney should think about moving to China.

— Sona66 (@futuroST) October 11, 2012

@stranahan @breitbartnews Maybe George Clooney would be happier living in a place like Iran or Saudi Arabia.:/

— Katy Wenger (@wkatydidw) October 11, 2012

Its unfortunate he has benefited from a system he doesn’t like:George Clooney Calls First Amendment ‘Unfortunate’ –

— M. Kahnke (@mlkahnke) October 11, 2012

@harrietbaldwin Well, George Clooney, it’s unfortunate we have to hear you too. But the free exchange of ideas is what makes the USA great.

— BiggerRMV (@BiggerRMV) October 11, 2012

George Clooney is a douche. 1st Amendment “unfortunate”???? Don’t like it, then by all means, LEAVE. We won’t miss you. Your movies suck.

— Cindi (@RightGirlCindi) October 11, 2012

Also unfortunate: George Clooney. RT @smallggay: George Clooney Calls First Amendment ‘Unfortunate’ via @breitbartnews

— K Mika (@CakeAndCountry) October 11, 2012

George Clooney is “unfortunate”

— Kelly(@Kellykoop) October 11, 2012

The only thing “unfortunate” about the 1st Amendment is we can’t ban George Clooney movies.

— Dr. Schadenfreude (@PoliticsOfFear) October 11, 2012

Fortunately the 1st Amendment gives me the freedom to call George Clooney a dumba$$.The same one that allows him to make dumba$$ remarks.

— MaxwellSilver (@MaxwellSilver3) October 11, 2012

@chuckwoolery I find Clooney’s lack of brain unfortunate. How’s that for Freedom of Speech? #MovetoCubaClooney

— Celeste Atkins (@CelesteAtkins) October 11, 2012

@jeanniemcbride Clooney needs to stick to what he’s good at, acting! He knows zilch about real struggles Americans have endured under 0bama.

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— Angela Sanders (@angelacarwile) October 11, 2012

Clooney “Freedom of speech means you have to allow idiots to speak, and that’s the UNFORTUNATE thing.” Understanding the 1st Amndt is hard..

— Jerry(@Durango24k) October 11, 2012

Thank Christ no one in the Middle East has seen Batman & #WorldWarIII

— S.M (@redsteeze) October 11, 2012

Oh. Snap. Well played.

The irony of Clooney’s statement wasn’t lost on many:

@chuckwoolery Ironic: it’s BECAUSE of the 1st Amendment that Clooney is even allowed to criticize it!

— Aslan’s Girl (@Aslans_Girl) October 11, 2012

Yes, George Clooney. First Amendment means we even let idiots, like you,

— G. ℜoberts (@Grob59) October 11, 2012

@chuckwoolery George Clooney mocks the very amendment that has made him $millions. Most govts ban movies that they don’t endorse. #tcot

— Jennifer Ferryman (@OrderInTheQuart) October 11, 2012

Wonder if George Clooney is aware of the devastating irony of him saying for democracy to work the idiots have to have their say too #tcot

— EricD (@TheMotleyMind) October 11, 2012

George can continue to trash the First Amendment to his heart’s content and lament that those he deems idiotic are allowed to express themselves. We embrace the Constitution that gives him the right to feel that way. And we also embrace our right to call him out for being a jackass.

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