Conservatives hijack #WhatRomneyVotersBelieve, #AdmitItMitt hashtags

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Conservatives hijack #WhatRomneyVotersBelieve, #AdmitItMitt hashtags

Conservatives this evening hijacked yet another anti-Mitt Romney hashtag. The trending #WhatRomneyVotersBelieve was created by liberals to mock Romney supporters but was quickly overpowered by Romney supporters announcing their true beliefs.

#WhatRomneyVotersBelieve The problem with crony capitalism is the cronyism, not the capitalism.

— BattleSwarm (@BattleSwarmBlog) July 16, 2012

That the private sector is not doing fine.. #WhatRomneyVotersBelieve

— Justen Charters (@JustenCharters) July 16, 2012

#WhatRomneyVotersBelieve Obama is the most anti-small business president since Jimmy Carter.

— Chuck (@Aronhalt) July 17, 2012

#WhatRomneyVotersBelieve In a government at the consent of the sovereign individual

— Frank L Saunders III (@flsku) July 17, 2012

#WhatRomneyVotersBelieve that business owners did build their businesses

— Linda Davis (@Linda_Davis) July 17, 2012

The last thing this country needs is a few thousand more IRS employees. #WhatRomneyVotersBelieve

— Justin (@theGrudgeRetort) July 17, 2012

#WhatRomneyVotersBelieve Eight percent unemployment is a ceiling, not a floor.

— Razor (@hale_razor) July 17, 2012

#WhatRomneyVotersBelieve In Charitable giving.

— Sharon Broadie (@SBroadie) July 17, 2012

#WhatRomneyVotersBelieve Leaving tax rates where they are is NOT a tax cut, and letting taxes RISE in 2013 IS a tax increase #brtt #tcot

— Angie Mancuso (@AngieMancuso) July 16, 2012

#WhatRomneyVotersBelieve That working for a living and being independent of Government is admirable and a goal every American should try for

— Behind Enemy Lines (@BushwackCA) July 17, 2012

It doesn't matter #WhatRomneyVotersBelieve because they'll get accused of racism no matter what.

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— Kevin Eder (@keder) July 17, 2012

One good hijack deserves another, and with its 7 p.m. #AdmitItMitt Twitter-bomb, the left certainly wanted Romney to come clean and confess to … something.

35 Questions Mitt Romney Must Answer About Bain Capital Before The Issue Can Go Away – Forbes | #AdmititMitt

— Rick Cooley (@rcooley123) July 16, 2012

TwitterBomb at 7 PM EDT #AdmititMitt Get Mitt to disclose his taxes

— DR (@pollbuster) July 16, 2012

#AdmitItMitt is still trending. I guess he's got a lot to admit!

— Kay O2 (@Observer2isback) July 17, 2012

Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long for conservatives to add their suggestions to just what “it” is that Romney should be admitting.

#AdmititMitt You spend your own money, Obama only spends ours.

— Casey Kim (@caseykim12) July 17, 2012

#AdmitItMitt You gave away your inheritance, your Olympic salary, and your salary as Gov to charity instead of government #brtt #tcot

— Angie Mancuso (@AngieMancuso) July 17, 2012

@suitebee @PolitixFireball #AdmitItMitt You can actually speak without a teleprompter at an elementary school.

— Carl Gustav (@CaptYonah) July 17, 2012

#AdmitItMitt you've successfully run Massachusetts, the olympics, and Bain Capital the most successful investment capital firm in America

— Jared Gebhardt (@JaredGebhardt) July 17, 2012

#AdmititMitt you worked hard to make your millions

— Youth Conservatives (@YouthConservati) July 17, 2012

#AdmititMitt you didn't sit in a church with a preacher who screamed "god damn America"

— Jared Gebhardt (@JaredGebhardt) July 17, 2012

#AdmitItMitt If the execs at Solyndra had come to you first, there's a good chance they'd still be in business.

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— dachsiemoron (@dachsiemoron) July 17, 2012

Two successful hijackings in one night? Not only did we learn what Romney voters believe, but we’re pretty sure we’ve confirmed something else.

We own Twitter #WhatRomneyVotersBelieve

— Justin (@theGrudgeRetort) July 17, 2012

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