Video: Jolly old Gov. Chris Christie reads ‘The Night Before Christmas’

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Video: Jolly old Gov. Chris Christie reads ‘The Night Before Christmas’

When New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie posted a link to “an oldie but goodie” on Christmas Eve, we thought for sure it was going to be Bruce Springsteen’s version of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” Instead, the Boss’s number one superfan shared a video of himself, recorded Sunday night with the Boston Pops.

Does Gov. Christie’s seasonal reading earn him good will or the Scrooge treatment?

@govchristie @danaperino Twas the night before Christmas and NJ’s still a mess; and Obama is sunning and funning in Hawaii feeling blessed!

— J.B. Junior (@JBJunior824) December 24, 2012

@govchristie Many Americans are suffering and all u can put out is a Xmas Jingle. Why don’t you resign and let aconservative takeyourjob

— Big Dog Mac (@1bigdogmac) December 24, 2012

@govchristie maybe you need to be watching youtube vids on how to be a Republican… just sayin’ you lost my vote if you ever run for POTUS

— Tim Hood (KK4MER) (@scubatim3) December 24, 2012

Ouch! Most followers were filled with holiday cheer, though.

@govchristie Merry Christmas, Governor! And all the best to your family & state 🙂

— Just me (a/k/a Rose) (@HabsWxGirl) December 24, 2012

@govchristie Happy Holidays Governor. It’s been a tough year.

— Chris LaPenta (@Chris_LaPenta) December 24, 2012

@govchristie Merry Christmas from Ohio – Sir this video will bring JOY to many!!! Thank You! Lisa J.

— Lisa J (@LisaJOhio) December 24, 2012

@govchristie You are truly an enigma!Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Governor, & may 2013 be bountiful & restorative for all.


— Sportz Junquee (@SportzJunquee) December 24, 2012

Well said.

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