Rep. Paul Ryan, GOP ripped for ‘mean-spirited’ vote against Sandy relief bill

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Rep. Paul Ryan, GOP ripped for ‘mean-spirited’ vote against Sandy relief bill

The House GOP had already been tarred for adjourning New Year’s Day without taking up the Senate’s pork-laden Sandy relief bill, and a vote today on a $9.7 billion flood insurance package didn’t do much to help the Republicans’ image. One particularly high-profile representative who voted no today has been singled out for his stand against the bill.

… Paul Ryan voted “no”!? Does Sandy have to hit PX90’s Wisconsin distributor, for him to get it? #onenation

— Arsenio Hall (@ArsenioOFFICIAL) January 4, 2013

Disaster relief is supposed to be non-partisan, you see. And even though today’s vote was dedicated to funding for flood insurance, with a second vote on the fattier portions of the bill set for Jan. 15, Ryan issued a statement explaining that the money just isn’t there.

Today’s legislation concerns the National Flood Insurance Program, a program $20 billion in debt and in desperate need of reform. The GAO has said that, in the future, NFIP may need to borrow money just to meet its interest payments. This legislation proposes to increase the program’s borrowing authority by $9.7 billion. It would be irresponsible to raise an insolvent program’s debt ceiling without making the necessary reforms.

Likewise, CBO projects that nearly half of the money in the bill won’t be spent until 2014 or beyond. In fact, some of the new spending would be for claims unrelated to Hurricane Sandy. In a time of crisis, we must ensure that every dollar we spend is on those who need it. President Obama and Congress owe the people of New York and New Jersey better.

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This is not the time for ensuring that dollars are spent where they’re needed, it seems. Even New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who lashed out against the House GOP Wednesday for delaying the vote, had to admit that a “clean” bill was needed as soon as possible. Others, like Virginia’s Rep. Jim Moran, took Ryan’s vote — which was clearly in the minority — as “indicative narrow-minded mean-spirited attitude that so many people in the Republican majority in the House believe in today.” No surprise there, coming from Moran. But Ryan, already under fire from many conservatives for his “better than nothing” vote on the fiscal cliff deal, is taking the brunt of the criticism.

Paul Ryan votes against Sandy relief. He sure has no problem taking those gov’t paychecks, though.… #tcot

— Gabe Ortíz (@TUSK81) January 4, 2013

Paul Ryan voted for Medicare Part D, TARP and auto bailout. But Hurricane Sandy relief is where he draws the line on spending.

— Eric Kleefeld (@EricKleefeld) January 4, 2013

Paul Ryan voted against Hurricane Sandy relief bill. This guy calls himself a devout Catholic? Politicians truly are scum of the first order

— Ruben Marquez (@rubenmarquez) January 5, 2013

Paul Ryan was 1 of the 67 House Republicans in da vote againstSandy Disaster Relief!Am I surprised?When people are suffering it hurts!

— mreaux (@reauxmj) January 4, 2013

Remember in 2016: @reppaulryan voted against #Sandy relief.I guess he only wants to be president of part of the country – effing idiot!

— Screw the NRA (@Richpf) January 5, 2013

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— Nova Burton (@pezmama13) January 4, 2013

@reppaulryan Shame on you heartless bastard and all your fellow douchebags.#Sandy

— ninadelado(@ninadelado) January 4, 2013

Hey @govchristie your best friend Paul Ryan voted against Sandy Relief for your State. How do you like them apples? Still like him?

— Candi (@Candi151) January 4, 2013

Who were the 67 no-conscience assclowns who voted against the first wave of federal aid for Sandy victims? Hint: @reppaulryan was one

— Keith Demko (@KeithDemko) January 4, 2013

Paul Ryan voted against #Sandy hurricane relief…heartless douchebag.

— Sharon (@LaWomanSharon) January 4, 2013

@reppaulryan voted no to help sandy victims. You disgust me Ryan. Your not fit to be an American much less a congressman.

— Tim Levenhagen(@hagen54215) January 4, 2013

Paul Ryan votes for tax breaks for the rich, but today voted NO for Sandy relief.This guy’s gotta go.

— Rich Marcello (@RichMarcello) January 5, 2013

So Paul Ryan votes for fiscal debacle, then turns around and votes against House Sandy Bill? Math not adding up Paul

— Charles(@repub9989) January 4, 2013

paul ryan votes no on hurricane sandy relief bill, says it’ll create new debt; true & valid. but why did he vote for cliff deal then? #tcot

— John Paul (@JxhnBinder) January 4, 2013

We already knew the media would try to destroy any chance Ryan had of rising to the top of the Republican party, but his recent votes have made that vision even more remote to members of both parties.

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Really surprised Paul Ryan voted against Sandy Relief, that’s not going to be fun to talk about if he wants on 2016 ticket

— Jeremey Smith (@j_smitty67) January 4, 2013

So Paul Ryan votes for fiscal cliff bill, and against Sandy relief? We sure this guy’s running in 2016?

— Igor Bobic (@igorbobic) January 4, 2013

Paul Ryan voted against the Sandy aid bill.The 2015/2016 GOP Presidential debates involving Ryan and Chris Christie will be must see TV.

— Joseph Irizarry (@JoeIrizarry) January 4, 2013

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