‘What a travesty’: Citizens call B.S. on Shinseki’s claim he’s ‘mad as hell’

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‘What a travesty’: Citizens call B.S. on Shinseki’s claim he’s ‘mad as hell’

Sadly, no. Appearing this morning before the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee:

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki claimed he wasn’t aware of all the awful stuff going on in the VA system:


Hey, at least we can still take comfort in the fact that he’s “mad as hell”:

Gee, that’s nice.

Don’t worry: The VA will totally get to the bottom of this.

Give them some time.

That’s comforting. Just don’t ask him what’s going on:


Being full of it tends to have that effect on you. Here’s something he can tell you — as long as you don’t ask about specifics:

Heckuva job, Mr. Secretary.

Oh yeah. It’s fantastic.


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