‘Smells like failure’? Anyone in the market for Obama incense? [pics]

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‘Smells like failure’? Anyone in the market for Obama incense? [pics]

According to Twitter users, Michelle Obama incense is a thing that actual people buy with actual dollars. Too good to check (but we did, and it really does appear to exist).


Don’t mock — it has its uses.


You can also watch hope go up in smoke with your very own Barack Obama incense.


Obama. Incense. What was that we heard? “It’s not a cult”?


OK, we kinda want to know what it smells like.


Get some for your Obama altar before supplies run out!

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/10/19/smells-like-failure-anyone-in-the-market-for-michelle-and-barack-obama-incense-pics/

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