@TMobile Unleashed: What You Don’t Know About its “Unlimited Data” Plans

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The story from T-Mobile is that unlimited data does not mean usable data...

@TMobile Unleashed: What You Don’t Know About its “Unlimited Data” Plans

T-Mobile has gone ridiculous. Under government scrutiny, they admitted they were not only throttling customer data usage, despite calling the data usage “unlimited”, but they were also not telling anyone they had actively sought ways of concealing their acts from their customers.

That alone should have resulted in action against them for fraud. But they have now started telling customers they are throttled. That is all they are required to do while still promising “unlimited data”. They throttle customers to 128K per minute, which is basically unusasble by any means. They do this even directly to their phones.

T-Moble, in its defense, has stated this is for people misusing their network. However, even watching streaming movies from any legal website, such as Amazon, can result in throttling in as little as two movies or less. When one calls T-Moble, they want $30 to continue watching the movie.

T-Moble is scamming their customers into believing they will have usable internet data when they purchase their plan, and afterwards revealing they only have unlimited “useless” data once they reach whatever random limit T-Mobile decides upon.

The fraud involved is enormous. The potentially hundreds of millions of dollars stolen from customers that were lied to is enormous.

In addition, T-Mobile has become even more malicious than most carriers. Many acknowledge that peak use is during the day and must be limited in order to provide fair service to all their customers. T-Mobile has decided to limit even off-peak time to completely unusable levels.

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The government is scrutinizing the false advertisement claims being made by many carriers. T-Mobile may shortly be on the spot.

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