Snub: Chris Christie’s CPAC invitation not ‘lost in the mail’ after all

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Snub: Chris Christie’s CPAC invitation not ‘lost in the mail’ after all

“Sources” tonight are confirming that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will have to buy a ticket if he wants to attend this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference. Will that seat next to first lady Michelle Obama at the black tie 2013 Governors Dinner be enough of a consolation prize?

So, who snubbed whom? Twitter has plenty of theories. Was Christie not invited because he’s simply not a conservative? Is it payback for that hug he and the president shared during the campaign? Is it possible the CPAC organizers were giving the popular governor an “out” to preserve his bipartisan support? Or are they shooting themselves in the foot? Maybe Christie didn’t want to attend anyway.

Par for the course. Well done, CPAC. #SlowClap RT @joshtpm: Chris Christie Snubbed: Not Invited To CPAC

— Sean Agnew (@seanagnew) February 25, 2013

It’s no surprise that Chris Christie is being shunned by conservatives after his despicable endorsement of Obama’s leadership last year.

— Chris Forewit (@forewit) February 25, 2013

So the GOP is already trying to kill Chris Christie for 2016. #idiots

— Erik Jensen (@ErikJensen76) February 26, 2013

So now, Chris Christie is being purged. Because apparently we on the right have votes to spare? Winners can afford to purge. Losers can’t.

— Pejman Yousefzadeh (@Yousefzadeh) February 25, 2013

Chris Christie isn’t being invited to CPAC because his poll numbers are too good. Wouldn’t want that mucking up this rebranding effort.

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— James (@JamesHercher) February 25, 2013

Chris Christie is not invited to #CPAC, and I will not attend either. The Republican Party needs real #leadership NOW #tcot

— Bruce Walker (@Greatmanofsteel) February 26, 2013

How is this a Snub #Conservative Conference Snubs Chris #Christie… it’s a Conservative conference Not Repub or #Rino.So Not a Snub

— Fight the good Fight (@morehouse64) February 26, 2013

Is Christie getting ready to follow in Charlie Crist’s orange footsteps and switch parties? There’s an Obama fist-bump in it for him.

Fine with me. They’re throwing away their best prospect for 2016.

— Martin Snapp (@catman67) February 25, 2013

My prediction… #ChrisChristie is on his way to the #Democratic party… #CNN

— Ryan Lovell (@RyanLovell007) February 26, 2013

I give it 8 months before chris christie switches parties. #fb

— Pope Bieberlusconi I (@TheBigFoxx) February 25, 2013

Hey Chris Christie- us Libs love you come on over here and tell the Neocons where they can stick it. 😉

— Dragonfly (@GenXDragonfly) February 25, 2013

Gov. Chris Christie – needs to change parties. He has some frontal lobe activity, unlike the rest of the GOP.GOP = no brain party

— Andrew J. DiLiddo (@AJDiLiddo) February 25, 2013

Party switch? RT @weeddude: MT @shushwalshe: A source close to CPAC confirms to ABC News NJ Gov. Chris Christie “not being invited” to CPAC.

— seth0et0holth (@miscastdice) February 25, 2013

Chris Christie not invited to speak at CPAC but Sarah Palin is. And the GOP wonders what is wrong with the direction of their party? #tcot

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— Yasmin Gentry (@yasmingentry) February 26, 2013


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