Lawrence O’Donnell rants about Rush Limbaugh’s weight

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Lawrence O’Donnell rants about Rush Limbaugh’s weight

MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell exhibits the lefty tactic of what to do when your ratings are in the gutter: Find a deeper gutter!

This unleashed a tweetnado among Lawrence’s 20 viewers, and his many detractors:!/DesmoNYCLMT/status/365298448599236610

(If you’re not familiar with “cisgender,” read up on it here.)

In the end, not surprisingly, O’Donnell followed the counsels of his own bitter little heart, trying to discredit Limbaugh by calling him “the most morbidly obese commentator in the history of politics”:

If you value the time in your life cheaply, you can wade through O’Donnell’s “report” here, via MSNBC:

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O’Donnell claims (at around 1:30) that Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign “is working” despite the fact that the decline in childhood obesity among low-income children began in 2003 (six years before the Obamas arrived at the White House and seven years before Michelle Obama announced the Let’s Move! initiative):

The First Lady’s campaign is working. Parents of poor children are listening to her. Parents of all children are listening to Michelle Obama. And the children are healthier for it. The First Lady keeps finding imaginative ways to keep parents’ and kids’ attention on the problem of childhood obesity.

Why did O’Donnell not listen to all his fans begging him not to dig a deeper ditch for his credibility?

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Now there’s a topic for a PPP poll.


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