Eric Holder won’t rule out use of lethal force on US soil

Eric Holder won’t rule out use of lethal force on US soil

Sen. Rand Paul jumps on AG Holder for not ruling out the possibility of the US govt ever using drones to strike Am citizens and on Am soil.. — Kara Rowland (@kararowland) March 5, 2013 The use of unmanned drones to take out terrorists overseas is one of the few issues that has managed to […]

House passes ‘No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act’

House passes ‘No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act’

BREAKING: House passes "No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act" – Pres has already threatened VETO — Shannon Bream (@ShannonBream) January 28, 2014 The House this afternoon passed the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act,” 227-188. Steven Ertelt of reports: The legislation combines several policies that must be enacted every year in Congressional battles and puts […]

VR Watch: Can Stanford’s approach work for film?

There is a whole gang of players who want to define how we consume the  coming wave of virtual-reality content: start-up tech firms like Jaunt and Crescent Bay, traditional movie outfits like Fox, nontraditional movie outfits like Oculus Story Studio. Read more from the original source…

Home of the Day: A modern spot with a stable in Santa Barbara

This post-and-beam contemporary, with walls of windows and slightly pitched roofline, takes in city and ocean views from its vantage above Santa Barbara. Fruit trees, vegetable gardens, an outdoor living room, a pool and spa and a complimentary stable/workshop make up the three-acre grounds. Read more from the original source…

Foreign Money May Flow to Ballot Measure Elections

Rick Hasen points us to a Bloomberg BNA report: “The Federal Election Commission has dismissed—on a deadlocked party-line vote—charges that Manwin International, a foreign company producing online pornography, violated the law by bankrolling a campaign committee opposed to a Los Angeles ballot measure requiring the use of condoms in video sex scenes. According to documents […]

Gun Control Advocates Energized by Clinton Bid

“Gun control advocates have high hopes for Hillary Clinton?s presidential run, viewing her as an ally who can finish the push for tightened background checks that has stalled in President Obama?s second term,” The Hill reports. “Clinton has been a staunch advocate of gun-control proposals such as expanding background checks and banning assault weapons. Last […]

11 Ways to Maximize Your Creative Brainstorming Time

Question: How can leaders carve out time/space for creative thinking each week? Walk Away “Get out of the office and into nature, engage in a hobby or just go to the grocery store. Raise your head up to experience the world while you’re in it. The world has so much to offer you creatively — […]

4 Strategies for Keeping Your Inbox Empty

No matter how much time we spend trying to optimize our inbox—from batch checking messages to adding bells and whistles—email takes over our lives. Looking at my stats from last month, I received and processed over 10,000 emails (eek!), so finding the right way to manage all this online correspondence has been critical for my […]

The New Apple Watch Ad Will Break Your Heart into a Million Tiny Pieces

The Apple Watch launches today. And the company is ramping up its marketing campaign with three new ads. Titled ‘Rise’, ‘Up’ and ‘Us,’ the spots highlight everyday activities enhanced by the Watch. The ads are distinctly more style-focused than the firm’s other product-focused marketing. ‘Us’ (above) is about couples, love, and what’s likely a first, […]

Comcast – Time Warner Cable Deal Officially Terminated

Comcast officially announced Friday that it has abandoned a $45 billion takeover bid for Time Warner Cable, after significant opposition from U.S. regulators. The deal, first reported last February, would have combined America’s two largest cable companies. Brian L. Roberts, Comcast Chairman and CEO said in a statement: “Today, we move on. Of course, we […]

Harry Reid says he’ll ensure an assault weapon ban receives votes

Harry Reid says he’ll ensure an assault weapon ban receives votes

Tonight, I'll start the process of bringing gun violence prevention bill to Senate floor. It will include provisions on background checks. — Senator Harry Reid (@SenatorReid) March 21, 2013 I will ensure that a ban on assault weapons, limits to high-capacity magazines, and mental health provisions receive votes. — Senator Harry Reid (@SenatorReid) March 21, […]