Liberals gleefully berate ‘whining losers’ forced to switch health plans

Liberals gleefully berate ‘whining losers’ forced to switch health plans

Can't believe my timeline. Libs are GLOATING about Obama's destruction of individual market health insurance. — Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) September 21, 2013 As Twitchy reported earlier today, many people who buy insurance in the individual market are learning that they will soon be herded into Obamacare-compatible HMOs, giving lie to President Obama’s repeated promise that […]

Apple Devs Play WWDC Lottery

Apple on Tuesday announced that its 26th annual Worldwide Developers Conference will take place in San Francisco June 8-12. The event will include more than 100 technical sessions on developing, deploying and integrating the latest iOS and OS X technologies. Attendees will get access to the latest innovations, features and capabilities of the OSes, as […]

Google to Face Antitrust Charges in Europe

After a five-year antitrust investigation of Google, European regulators are said to be ready to file formal charges against the company as soon as Wednesday. The European Commission plans to accuse the online search giant of violating the region’s antitrust laws, according to reports from the Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal. European Union […]

Ransomware Perps Put the Squeeze on Police

Five police departments in Maine, whose networks are linked together so they can share files, recently deposited bitcoins worth 300 euros into a Swiss bank account as ransom for their records. The departments’ management system was locked down by Megacode ransomware, which scrambled their data and rendered it unusable. The police decided to pay up […]

Nanny Bloomberg swoons over Obama’s illegal immigration power grab

Nanny Bloomberg swoons over Obama’s illegal immigration power grab

The Obama Admin is taking strong action to reform our broken #immigration system today. Let's do more — NYC Mayor's Office (@NYCMayorsOffice) June 15, 2012 Oh, Nanny Bloomberg. There isn’t any sort of government power grab that he doesn’t like. He loves them all! Today the Obama Admin took a step towards breaking the […]

New Smart Drone Breaks $1K Barrier

A new aerial drone from 3D Robotics packs two computers and an array of powerful features for $999. The computers — one on the craft and one in the controller — have enabled it to make some radical breakthroughs in autonomous flight and camera control, according to 3DR. Built on 1-GHz Cortex A9 ARM chips […]

Palin tweets about SCOTUS ruling: Left calls her kids ‘slut,’ ‘retard’

Palin tweets about SCOTUS ruling: Left calls her kids ‘slut,’ ‘retard’!/RFLAWLESS/status/218362178363850753 Shortly after the Supreme Court handed down its ruling on Obamacare this morning, Sarah Palin weighed in via Twitter: Obama lied to the American people. Again. He said it wasn't a tax. Obama lies; freedom dies. — Sarah Palin (@SarahPalinUSA) June 28, 2012 Boom! On cue, the oh-so-civil Left began spewing vile filth at […]

EFF Lambasts ESA for Hindering Video Game Preservation Efforts

The Electronic Frontier Foundation last week called out the Entertainment Software Association for opposing its video game preservation efforts. The EFF and law student Kendra Albert earlier this year petitioned the U.S. Copyright Office for an exemption to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s anticircumvention provisions, which would allow individuals and institutions to modify games so […]



Pres Obama's plan calls for at least a six-fold increase in surveillance & enforcement staff at CFTC for oil futures market trading. — Mark Knoller (@markknoller) April 17, 2012 What do you do when you’re president and the economy sucks? Don’t hesitate; REGULATE! That’s Barack Obama’s mantra, and he’s stickin’ to it. He’s speaking this […]