Rove mocks Obama with Easter Bunny

Rove mocks Obama with Easter Bunny

LOL "After Easter I will have more flexibility" — "I understand. I will transmit this information to Santa." — Karl Rove (@KarlRove) April 7, 2012 Conservative pundit Karl Rove, a former advisor to President George W. Bush, took a shot at current President Barack Obama’s recent conversation with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. Medvedev told Obama that […]

For the record

David Laventhol: In the obituary of former Times Publisher David Laventhol in the April 9 California section, this quote attributed to John J. Goldman was actually from Steve Isenberg: “Dave’s style did not advertise the man. He was a very shy and gentle and wry person. But to know him well was… Read more from […]

Flir Debuts Triple-Threat Video Cam

Flir Systems on Tuesday made a foray into the consumer market with a new video camera that can be used for home monitoring, sports, and even as a dash cam. The new Flir FX video camera, which supports WiFi, is a compact unit capable of capturing HD, as well as integrating with cloud-based analytics and […]

Justice Department Warns Staff Over Prostitutes

“The Justice Department is sending a memo to all of its employees Friday warning them that soliciting prostitutes is a violation of department policy, whether off duty or on,” the Washington Post reports. “The caution follows recent allegations that Drug Enforcement Administration agents had “sex parties” with prostitutes hired by local drug cartels in Colombia.” […]

DEA Sued for Unconstitutional Phone Surveillance

The Electronic Frontier Foundation this week filed a complaint against the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration for secretly collecting data on all telephone calls to as many as 116 countries, possibly going back to the 1990s. The suit was filed on behalf of Human Rights Watch. Many of the calls were made to countries certified under […]

The Risks of Clinton’s ‘Go Small’ Kick Off

First Read: “The early events likely will be small — reminiscent of that ‘Listening Tour’ as she began to run for that New York Senate seat in 2000. In other words, she is going to be going door-to-door, meeting with voters in Iowa, New Hampshire, etc. one-on-one… The lesson learned from 2008: Clinton isn’t as […]

Reality Check: Should We Buy an Apple Watch for Its Potential?

Because there are so many Apple-loving fanatics who are hopelessly addicted to their iPhones, the first wave of Apple Watch sales won’t give us a reliable indicator as to whether it is a real success… or not so much. Because we’re talking about Apple here, there will be a couple million customers who will love […]

Shopping for Algorithms and APIs in the Cloud

Now that cloud computing has made it economically feasible to capture and collate large volumes of data, many organizations are trying to find an equally economical method to analyze and move the data across various business applications. The rapidly escalating demands for powerful analytic tools to decipher the meaning of old and new data streams […]

The Real Reason the Dollar Is So Strong Right Now

When is a stronger U.S. dollar not a good thing? When it causes companies to sell fewer products overseas. That’s one of the big concerns at the moment among American CEOs, many of whom are worried about what the dollar’s strength against currencies like the euro and the yen mean for US exports–and corporate profits. […]

Netflix Just Totally Owned Apple Watch Fanboys

Netflix has “unveiled” a new, brick-sized wrist watch that “isn’t THAT inconvenient” for watching movies and shows from your wrist. The mock advertisement was conveniently timed to poke fun at the Apple Watch, which kicked off with a rush of pre-orders on Friday. But with high demand pushing wait times for the device well into […]

Amazon Is Suing Sites That Sell Fake Reviews

Amazon is cracking down on sites that it says sell fake reviews to bolster products sold on the retailer’s website. The online retail giant filed suit Wednesday against buyamazonreviews.con and, according to The Seattle Times. The suit accuses the websites of false advertising, trademark infringement and violating consumer protection laws. did not immediately […]

12 Simple Ways to Improve Your Website

Question: What is one simple way I can improve my business website this year without totally overhauling it? Try LiveChat “We’ve been using LiveChat on many client projects and absolutely love it. It conquers a few key areas with one app — instant sales insights to know what a prospect is most interested in, real-time […]

Hey, know what you get to keep with O-care? Doubled, tripled premiums

Hey, know what you get to keep with O-care? Doubled, tripled premiums

Just found out my insurance premium is going to more than double + I will get less coverage. #Obamacare #FAIL — Brad Thor (@BradThor) October 21, 2013 Author Brad Thor is not alone. What could Sebelius say that excuses the money she wasted? It's a disastrous rollout, premiums have doubled & Americans are being ripped […]