Samsung’s New Galaxy S5 Might Ship Bathtub-Ready

Of all the Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors to hit this week, the one that had me sit up straight and pay close attention is the rumor that the new Galaxy S5 may be both waterproof and dustproof. This is a big deal, because it would be the first major flagship smartphone with wide and popular […]

Obama will award Medal of Honor to 24 overlooked Army veterans

WASHINGTON — Seeking to correct a historic injustice, President Obama will award the nation’s highest combat honor to two dozen veterans — mostly Latino and Jewish — who fought as far back as World War II but were denied the coveted Medal of Honor because of discrimination. Read more from the original source…

Europe’s PLATO to Hunt for Earth Look-Alikes

A new space observatory expected to launch by 2024 will seek out Earth-sized planets and super-Earths orbiting distant stars, the European Space Agency announced Wednesday. Dubbed “PLATO,” for “PLAnetary Transits and Oscillations of stars,” it will use 34 small telescopes and cameras to search for planets around as many as a million stars spread over […]

UAW Appeals Volkswagen Workers’ Rejection in Tennessee

(WASHINGTON) — The United Auto Workers is challenging last week’s vote by workers at the Volkswagen plant in Tennessee rejecting the UAW to represent them. The union filed an appeal on Friday with the National Labor Relations Board asserting that “interference by politicians and outside special interest groups” had swayed the election. In particular, the […]

Fitbit Recalls Its Force Wristbands

Fitbit is voluntarily recalling its latest Force wristbands due to the number of users complaining that the activity tracker gave them a skin rash. According to a statement released by Fitbit CEO James Park, only 1.7% of Force users complained about skin irritations. Still, the company apologized for the issue, and said it launched an investigation into the […]

Custom-Order ‘Mix-In’ Ice Cream Chains Realize They’re a Rip-off

Executives in charge of two sister ice cream chains did a funny thing: They did some price comparisons in the field, talked to consumers, and concluded their “value proposition was out of whack.” That’s according to Allison Lauenstein, vice president of ice cream brands at the Global Franchise Group, which franchises Marble Slab Creamery and […]

Google’s Project Tango Struts Into the Spotlight

Google is making an increased push into the 3D imaging sphere with the announcement of its Project Tango technology. The project is aimed at helping mobile devices fully map a 3D space to give them the same type of understanding of space and motion that humans have through a blend of robotics and computer vision […]

Microsoft Beckons New Consumers to Old Online Services

What’s in a name? Microsoft is hoping more traffic to two of its online properties. The company has renamed its cloud storage service because of legal entanglements and the website for free versions of its Office productivity apps because of consumer confusion. The name changes, which took effect this week, weren’t accompanied by very much […]

Next Up on Amazon’s Kill List: YouTube

It wasn’t enough for Amazon to simultaneously be locked in battles with Wal-Mart, Apple, Barnes & Noble and Netflix. Now the company is entering YouTube’s turf too. The world’s largest online retailer has begun running preroll ads in front of some of the content on its Prime Instant Video streaming service. Geico is sponsoring the […]

Easing DevOps Snafus in the Cloud Era

As developers are pressured to produce mobile and distributed cloud apps ever faster and with more network unknowns, the older methods of software quality control can lack sufficient predictability. And as Agile development means faster iterations and a constant stream of updates, newer means of automated testing of the apps in near-production realism prove increasingly […]

Amazon and Apple’s ‘Tough Slog’ on Madison Avenue

Amazon and Apple just can’t seem to catch a break with the advertising elite on Madison Avenue. In fact, advertising sales are a “tough slog” for both companies, mourns a feature published this week. The problem? Apple and Amazon won’t reveal enough information about their customers. This is the best news I’ve heard all year. […]

Google May Let 34 More Cities Munch on Fiber

Google has revealed plans to expand its Google Fiber Internet service to as many as 34 new cities. Google Fiber offers connection speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps — around 100 times faster than the average U.S. speeds of 9.8 Mb/sec, according to Akamai — by providing service through fiber-optic cables instead of copper wiring. […]

Facebook Wins WhatsApp Gold

Facebook on Wednesday announced the acquisition of WhatsApp in a $19 billion deal geared toward increasing its global connectivity. The company paid $4 billion in cash, $12 billion worth of Facebook shares and an additional $3 billion in restricted stock to acquire WhatsApp. Facebook was drawn to the company’s ability not only to connect mobile […]