Idiotic Speed Racer and Bud Kill Themselves, Media Kisses Ass

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Idiotic Speed Racer and Bud Kill Themselves, Media Kisses Ass

Paul Walker was an idiot that died doing something stupid.  His bud, that was also an insensitive idiot died doing something stupid. They likely did this many times before and got away with it and no one noticed.

paulwalker_carPaul Walker, in case you do not know who he is,

  1. A star of Fast and Furious, so an idol of many movie fans.
  2. Roger Rodas, another freak stunt driver, was also killed driving like a nut case on public roads.
  3. No one knows yet if either was on drugs or alcohol, although it may be likely whatever money they have may help cover that part of the incident up.
  4. Ironically, they were allegedly going 45 MPH at the time, these expert drivers, and still lost control of their car enough for it to explode.
  5. Of course, they were violating the speed limit by at least 300 percent.
  6. The Porsche should never have exploded.  Cars do not do this.  So was he also driving on illegal fuel.  In a public area.  Something more incredibly illegal?

While their parents and relatives call them out as great men and heroes, they were reckless men willing to risk the lives of people they did not know and died as a result of reckless stupid choices.  If they survived, they would belong in prison.  The fact they died is a grace to all of those that did not as a result of their stupidity.

Nevertheless, we grieve for them and may they rest in peace.

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