Russian Spacewalkers to Install Videocams Providing ISS-View of Earth

Two Russian cosmonauts on Friday began a spacewalk outside the International Space Station to install camera equipment from UrtheCast, which soon could provide near real-time streaming images to viewers on Earth. Canada-based UrtheCast partnered with the Russian Federal Space Agency to launch two cameras, one high- and one medium-resolution, into space last month. Russian cosmonauts […]

Tech Firms Urge Supreme Court Action on Software Patent Quagmire

The U.S. Supreme Court has decided to jump into a software patent case that could resolve the muddled situation that has been vexing IT companies, legal experts and federal judges for years. Specifically, the Supreme Court said earlier this month that it would rule on Alice Corp. Pty. v. CLS Bank International, a case involving […]

Kana Smooths the Wrinkles Out of Back-End Administration

Kana Software recently released an upgrade to its enterprise application, equipping it with new multinational knowledge management and other enhancements that make back-end administration easier. Earlier this year the company released a version with enhancements aimed at the end user, but “our focus this time around was on a different set of users,” said Scott […]