The Fallacy Of Humanity To Help Those In Despair, Obama pledges zero to Philippines

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The Fallacy Of Humanity To Help Those In Despair, Obama pledges zero to Philippines


Despite all the rhetoric regarding aid, it has been mostly hot air. They aren’t getting anything. And the richest of folk aren’t pledging a dime.

As we hear of small aid amounts slowly adding up from various governments, most of them laughable, the rich are doing nothing.

Where are the Google’s, the Facebook’s, the Amazon’s, the billionaire tycoons like Soros or even the so called humble Warren Buffett?

Let’s tell you. They are nowhere. They do not care. They do not stand in the face of real disaster because they may lose their ability to buy their next huge multi-billion dollar investment if they aid people dying.

They just want to tap third world nations to make billions off of slave labor. When those people die, they are in hiding when it comes for need of millions and billions, and we are left with much less fortunate people contributing all they can to the situation.

The rich are flipping the bird at the Philippines. is just trying to reach 5 million dollars, which is chump change for these rich athletes, billionaire con artist hedge fund owners, and rich philanthropists. These poor people do not have enough billions to feed the starving and it is desperate in the Philippines. Even Obama has pledged NOTHING, NOT ONE DIME, to lead our nation into the aid of our own ally.

Pathetic. On its face. We are pathetic.



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