Obama Admits He blatantly Lied and NOW Wants Insurance Companies To Pay For It

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Obama is amazing. He lied to everyone when he stated outright that Obamacare would allow people to maintain their current coverage. And now he admits his lie.

So, to make up for the lie, he wants insurance companies to take up the slack and continue insurance they were otherwise not required to continue for one year.

It is unclear he can even legally do this.

You cannot force independent retail businesses that acted in good faith based upon your own passed initiative to now extend good will to support it further.

Obama had no idea what he was doing when he proposed the new laws or he did know and condemned many to become uninsured, exactly the opposite of his objective. Either way, he is a lame duck anyway, and it appears the Republicans have little way to take advantage of his major flub.

Sounds similar to the original disaster in the economy when bankers had picked everyone’s pockets and rather than arrest them, he tool a trillion dollars from the public to make sure their jobs were secure.

Liars have no place in American politics. Promises are one thing, but blatant lies are unacceptable.

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