The Humanitarian Myth

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The Humanitarian Myth

In Egypt this week, another American was murdered after illegal detainment. Was it their fault? Of course not, it was ours.

We continue to believe that pleading for humanitarianism will educate baboons. The best way to deal with baboon prides in battle is to let them kill each other. Don’t get in the middle. It is like sticking your hand in the middle of a Pit Bull Match.

There is nothing human about what is going on here. It is just a bunch of very primitive cultures killing each other off. Something we did not understand with Saddam either. He wasn’t our enemy, he was theirs.

These cultures have murdered and committed genocide for decades. When is the last time you heard of an Egyptian protester raped by multiple men in the streets of America, France, England or any civilized nation.

But even in their most civilized nations, rape of a woman is a hobby and justified. In fact, if they survive the rape, they put them in prison.

They are nothing short of dirt. And protecting them as though it was our duty to save humanity is idiotic. We are better off sending in the dog pound.

The Arab world has become run amok by dogs. Intelligent reason and leadership have long fled. There is nothing left but violence and militant control.

Arabs today have bastions of peoples that are praying to Allah to bring them into the 21st century and allow them to live in peace. But they have a history of pigs that will continue as long as they can.

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And it is best to get those that we can out and let the dogs fight. Let them kill each other. When it is all done, there are less for civilization to kill. Women and children will be saved, as these low lifes take out each other and think somehow they are making some difference.


What strikes us the most is the most intelligent thing the American government did was allow the Iran-Iraq War to proceed. We were finally allowing them to just kill off each other. There is nothing we can do, it is ingrained into their society, their culture, their clans. They hate each other almost as much as they hate us.

Every Arab killed by another Arab is one no other society has to worry about. Every Arab we save to America is likely to be our ally. Every American we send to any Arab country is likely to die.

It is all so simple, it amazes us people do not see it. It is like any other case in which the US got involved trying to right humanity, lost millions of American lives and then discovered these people were born to kill each other in all of their history.

We cannot impose society on a zoo. Let the zoo manage itself. After all the zoo animals get tired, put them in prisons or kill them, and establish a real society in which children are worshiped wither boy or girl.

Do not put today’s Arabian insane zealot in front of today’s Arabian girl student. Let them die, not her. They have a way of taking care of themselves. After they are done, kill off those remaining.

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