Egyptians Allow US Prisoner To Be Murdered

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Egyptians Allow US Prisoner To Be Murdered


After James Lunn was misidentified by Egyptian Authorities, they scrambled to find an excuse. They then claimed he was holding a computer and maps of vital installations. We have no idea what Egypt meant or how this was any crime.

Today the man was found dead, immediately after our consulate visited him. Egypt had extended his detention 30 days.

One day later, without any delay, Egypt made sure Americans are not welcome in Egypt. Neither regime is our friend. And they will murder us faster than the Frenchman they beat to death last week.

These people are animals about 400 years behind the world, and they do not understand humanity or civilization of the 21st century. Neanderthals had more intelligence. All they understand is murder. And the deaths will continue of innocents detained for obscure reasons if they are in any way considered non-Arab.

If we were not there, they would just kill each other. This was no suicide. This was murder. The detainment was a lie. And the logic non-existent.

via CNN story.

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