CNN Says Video Game Killed Granny

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CNN Says Video Game Killed Granny

The following article recently popped up on CNN. The stupidity of the implication is palpable.

This 8 year old killed his granny. He did it on purpose because he watched a video game. But he did not understand what he was doing. That is the gist of the nonsense spewed forth in this diatribe.

The 8 year old killed his granny because he had access to a gun. The granny died because adults were extremely stupid and irresponsible with a gun and allowed it to fall into the hands of an 8 year old boy. And now that boy is back with the parents that were likely the ones that should be held responsible for her death.

8 year olds do not have a gun license. They cannot purchase guns. And they cannot acquire ammunition. But they can pull a trigger given the opportunity.

To imply this was the fault of the game in any way is one of the stupidest claims we have seen in the media to date. If you let an 8 year old play with a loaded gun, he will fire it. He will likely try to hit something. And he may kill somebody. It has nothing to do with the TV he watched, the game he last played or the toys he owns. It has to do with irresponsible and very stupid adults with guns.

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