Senators broker tentative deal to end immigration bill logjam

WASHINGTON — Key senators brokered a tentative deal Wednesday to strengthen the border security provisions in the immigration bill, a compromise that could break a logjam by satisfying Republican demands for tougher enforcement without jeopardizing a path to citizenship for immigrants. Read more from the original source…

US, Russia Cyber Hotline Brings Back That Cold War Feeling

The United States and Russia are going to cooperate more closely on cybersecurity, the White House has announced. They are setting up a new working group under the auspices of the Bilateral Presidential Commission, set up in 2009 by President Obama and then-Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, to assess emerging threats to information and communications technology […]

HTC Releases Butterfly S Phablet Into the Wild

HTC’s latest handset has emerged from the proverbial cocoon, but it’s no tiny newborn. Rather, the Android-powered Butterfly S has “phablet” proportions, meaning it’s larger than the traditional smartphone but smaller than a tablet. Packed with a quad-core 1.9GHz Snapdragon 600 processor, a 3,200mAh battery, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of built-in storage, the nascent […]

Ben Bernanke to Markets: Chill Out!

One of the more conspicuous ironies of the stock market in recent years is that it tends to go down when the Federal Reserve is forecasting an improved economy. That’s because faster economic growth makes it more likely that the Fed will provide less stimulus, in the form of low interest rates, than it otherwise […]

Google Takes Heat for Illegal Rx Drug Sales Online

Mississippi AG Jim Hood has called on his counterparts in other states to join him in confronting Google for not doing enough to prevent illegal online activities including the sale of prescription drugs by rogue pharmacies. Hood invited Google CEO Larry Page to discuss his concerns but did not receive a response, he said. Consequently, […]

Financial Industry to Engage in Cyberwar Drill This Summer

A cyberdrill for financial services companies that was originally to be conducted on June 28 has drawn such a strong response that the organization sponsoring it has had to reschedule the event. “Given the industry’s robust interest in this program and the expanding number of individuals who wish to participate, we are working to reschedule […]

‘Give While You Live’ Dominates Charitable Giving

At the current pace of charitable giving it will be another six years before we reach pre-recession generosity, according to the 2013 report from Giving USA, which tracks giving in America. Total giving by individuals, foundations and corporations reached $316 billion last year, up an inflation-adjusted 1.5% from $312 billion in 2011. It was the […]

Feds don’t do enough to prepare for severe weather, report says

WASHINGTON — Federal efforts to bolster community preparedness for extreme weather events are a fraction of what the government spends on cleaning up the damage from storms, tornadoes and drought, according to a new analysis of federal data by the Center for American Progress , a left-leaning Washington think tank. Read more from the original […]

Bernanke to Speak: 3 Big Questions We Hope the Fed Chief Will Answer

In an age of unconventional monetary policy, Fed whispering is an increasingly common art – this afternoon, all eyes will be on Ben Bernanke as he issues guidance on the Federal Reserve policies over the next few months. This particular press conference will be closely scrutinized, as we’re at a possible turning point with monetary […]

All Things Appy: Top 5 Windows 8 Finance Apps

Money: It makes the world go ’round, as they say. This week, All Things Appy takes a look at the five best free Windows 8 apps related to money. If you need to keep on top of your finances, these five are must-haves and will get the job done not just efficiently but, in all […]

Sprint Takes Clearwire Fight to Court

Sprint has taken legal action to prevent Dish from closing a deal with Clearwire. This is the latest development in the tug of war between Sprint and Dish over the 50 percent of Clearwire’s spectrum that Sprint does not already own. Sprint announced last December that it had worked out a deal to purchase the […]

Apple’s E-Book Trial Shrouded in Fog, Not Smoke

The e-book price-fixing trial took another turn this week, with Apple claiming that what the Department of Justice called a “smoking gun” was simply a misunderstood email draft. Apple veteran Eddy Cue worked with the late Steve Jobs to engineer a price-fixing plan that would undermine Amazon’s dominant position in the e-book market, the DoJ […]

Old Possum’s Book of Practical Big Data

OK, the title’s a cheap riff on the T.S. Elliot book of poems that inspired Cats — but stay with me, this goes places. A big group of cats is called a “clowder.” What if we could access a clowder of big data? Big Data has been taking up a big part of my conscious […]