Why Did The Watertown Police Lie About The Marathon Bombing Shoot-out?

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Recent photos of the Watertown police marching through town shouldering semi-automatic rifles like they are the military in Iraq but 30-40 years too old, sickened us recently, so we wanted to look more closely at their story.

As we did, the lies leapt out at us. This could not have happened as described and would have taken incredibly stupid or bungling police to have allowed it to occur.

What is behind the lie? More can be found below, but here is the quoted statement from Watertown Police Chief Ed Deveau (seen on CNN and other broadcast stations merrily walking about aimlessly with his crew in downtown Watertown shouldering a shot gun (now was he going duck hunting, or is he just a quack?):

“Quickly we had six Watertown police officers and two bad guys in a gunfight,” said Deveau. At least 200 shots were fired; maybe as many as 300.”

“Deveau said the Tsarnaev brothers hurled something at the officers – apparently a pressure cooker bomb — and there was a tremendous explosion. Police later found the lid to a pressure cooker. “We believe it was an exact duplicate of the Boston Marathon bombs,” he said. The suspects also threw five “crude grenades” at officers; three of which exploded, he said.”

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After several minutes, the elder brother, Tamerlan, walked toward the officers, firing his gun until he appeared to run out of bullets, Deveau said. Officers tackled him and were trying to get handcuffs on him, when the stolen SUV came roaring at them, the younger brother at the wheel. The officers scattered and the SUV plowed over Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who was dragged briefly under the car, he said.

It is fact, the police are often the authors of complete fiction on their police reports, but to tell a fictional story of this magnitude to the press had to have some motive behind it.

The bombs the suspects used in Boston, according to authorities, weigh approximately fifty pounds. To believe one man could “hurl” it is absurd. To do it while shooting with his other arm is even more dimwitted. It is more likely they attempted to roll it or push it towards police, but that it likely only got a few feet and exploded, backfiring on them. And they would have had to put down their guns or stop shooting to do so. Or more likely, the bomb was set off by shots fired by the police. Indeed, many wounds received by the older brother were from bomb shrapnel, but not one policeman was injured by it. The chief said they “hurled” it, but that is a barfable impossibility, not supported by the facts. Notice they never mention where the explosion took place.

The statement that there were possibly 300 shots fired indicates that most of the firing was done by police with semi-automatic rifles, not handguns. And yet, of six policemen trained in firearms, they could not take down the suspect even though he was standing in the open without armor?

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Now for another inconsistency, The autopsy from authorities vaguely stated he was killed by “bullet wounds and blunt trauma”. But the death certificate, the legal document defining the actual results of the autopsy, states that he died only from “gunshot wounds of torso and extremities”. Did the police get dibs on rewriting the truth?


Now, the final piece of this Mother Goose fairy tale is the fact that officers claimed that when the man ran out of ammunition, they jumped him and tried to subdue him but he was still struggling.

OK. The are all in the process of shooting hundreds of rounds at the suspect, and some goofball jumps in the line of fire to keep from having to kill a man shooting and throwing bombs at them that may be carrying more?

Well, let’s just assume they magically all stopped shooting at the exact same time and conveyed telepathically it was OK to jump the suspect, we can assume no more bullets entered his body, but he was shot in the head and in extremities numerous times including the head. This man could not possibly have struggled,.

It is infinitely more likely he was dead when he fell to the ground , and they had to move the body to cover up a flub, something illegal or something stupid.

They have clubs, they have guns, they have armor and mace!! Do you believe one moment that anyone would jump a man that you “think” ran out of ammunition carrying a gun while he is in the line of fire? Now ask yourself if you would do it if you KNEW, not guessed, but KNEW he had been in possession of live bombs?

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We call fiddlesticks to the degree that the Chief should be asked to retire because only lunacy or severe dementia could have resulted in the story above.

Now why would they lie like this? Self Importance? A chance in the limelight before retirement?

Members of police SWAT team make a door-to-door search in Watertwon, Mass., for the 19-year-old Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on April 19, 2013. (Spencer Platt/Getty)


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