Icahn Leads New Pitch to Win Dell Shareholders

Two of Dell’s largest stockholders, Carl Icahn and Southeastern Asset Management, have teamed up to propose an alternative to Michael Dell’s plans to take his computer company private. The new deal on the table, issued in a letter to board members, involves a leveraged recapitalization that will pay investors and keep them on as shareholders […]

B&N Investors Salivate Over Microsoft Nook Deal

Barnes & Noble investors reacted with pure unadulterated joy to the possibility that Microsoft is considering entering the e-book market and will acquire the company’s Nook unit for a whopping $1 billion. Shares rose by a dizzying 24 percent on Thursday, when the rumor surfaced. By the close of Friday trading, shares were up another […]

YouTube Tinkers With Subscription Model

YouTube unveiled a new subscription plan this week and will allow select channels to charge for monthly viewing plans. It’s the first time the online video hub will charge for content. Channels including Jim Henson’s TV will show episodes of Sesame Street for subscriptions starting at $2.99 per month, or users could pay $4.99 per […]

Amazon’s 3D Phone Could Simply Be a Wonder to Behold

Amazon is rumored to be developing two high-end smartphones, as well as an audio-streaming device, broadening its range of branded hardware products well beyond its current Kindle e-readers and Kindle Fire tablets and its expected — though as yet unconfirmed — TV set-top box. The big surprise in the latest rumor is that one of […]

BlackRock’s Fink: Put it All in Stocks

Laurence Fink is in the business of taking measured risks. That’s what investing is all about and, well, he happens to be the CEO the world’s largest investment firm: BlackRock, which has $4 trillion under management. So it may be that he was perfectly comfortable standing before a packed classroom at New York University’s Stern […]

McDonald’s Removes Angus Burgers as it Tries to Reverse Declining Sales

For the last several years, fast food has gone “gourmet.” Specialty salads, premium wraps, and signature sandwiches and burgers have been added to menus in an attempt to better compete with so-called fast casual restaurants like Five Guys and Panera Bread. But McDonald’s is removing one high-profile “premium” item from the menu, possibly signaling that […]

Tesla Beats the Odds — And the Haters — But Now Comes the Hard Part

The electric car company Tesla has always been an easy target. There’s the CEO,  messianic Silicon Valley entrepreneur Elon Musk, who sometimes actually seems to be convinced that he’s the real-life Tony Stark. There’s the sheer chutzpah of a startup company from outside the auto industry trying to successfully build and market a new car […]

High-Tech Plot Leads to Record-Breaking Heist

In what is believed to be one of the biggest robberies ever executed, cyberthieves stole nearly $50 million from a pair of Middle Eastern banks. Far from bullying their way into vaults, members of this crime ring reportedly hacked into credit card processing firms and withdrew money from ATMs in 27 different countries. The plan […]

Facebook’s Road Trip May Include a Stop to Buy Waze

Rumors that Facebook is deep into the process of purchasing Waze — maker of a mobile satellite navigation app that leverages crowdsourced mapping and traffic tips — are making the rounds. Facebook has apparently signed the terms and is conducting due diligence after six months of negotiations, according to published reports. The social networking giant […]

The App-Driven Gadget Floodgates Are Open

Peruse any big consumer electronics box-store aisles, and you can’t help but notice a new style of peripherals hugging the displays. App-driven devices are appearing on store shelves that let homeowners manage and monitor home systems like thermostats and security using a smartphone or a tablet. There are sensors that monitor fitness by tracking of […]