Questions on targeting are ‘loaded,’ IRS official says

WASHINGTON – The acting head of the IRS insisted Friday that he and other agency officials did not mislead Congress by failing to disclose that applications by conservative groups for tax-exempt status were mishandled, and he said to call it “targeting” incorrectly implied political motivations. Read more from the original source…

Give Feedback That Crosses Cultures

Giving critical feedback is an essential part of a manager’s job. But people in Shanghai don’t provide feedback in the same way as people in Strasbourg or Stockholm, so how can do your job when you’re working across cultures? Here are three tips: Learn the new rules. Read up on the values, beliefs, and assumptions people […]

Criticism: A Security Chief’s Most Valuable Resource

This past week, a lesson about enterprise information security found its way to me via a somewhat unorthodox channel: specifically, an episode of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. In this particular episode, the upshot was that Ramsay wasn’t able to help. Why not? The owners weren’t able to take criticism. There’s a lesson in this for […]

Google Wallet Takes on PayPal With Gmail Money Transfers

In an effort to boost adoption of Google Wallet, Google this week added features to the service that allow users to send money as a Gmail attachment. The company is also trying to simplify the mobile payment process for consumers and businesses. As a way to market the new features, Google Wallet payments via Gmail […]

InsideView Provides New Insights Into Sales Leads

InsideView earlier this month debuted a new marketing offering housed on its InsideView CRM Intelligence Platform. “One of our working premises is that even with the massive amount of spending companies do on CRM automation, the products still do not fully address the needs of understanding the customer and the new buying process,” said Marc […]