Walk at Your Next Meeting

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Americans sit for an average of 9.3 hours a day. And a slew of studies have shown just how unhealthy that is, linking it to heart disease, obesity, and cancer. So next time you need to meet with a colleague, don’t book a conference room. Take a walk. Aside from the much-needed exercise, there are numerous benefits: Having a common goal. There’s something about being side-by-side that puts the problem or ideas before you and allows you to work on them together. You may even be able to listen better when you’re walking next to someone rather than sitting across a table. Increased focus. The simple act of moving means your mobile device is more likely to stay put away and you can give your undivided attention. Not everyone will take you up on this offer, but even if you make just a few of these kinds of appointments a week, you — and your body — will be better off. Adapted from “Sitting Is the Smoking of Our Generation” by Nilofer Merchant. Visit Harvard Business Review’s Management Tip homepage Purchase the HBR Management Tips book

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