Could The Captured 19 Year Old Use The Patty Hearst Defense?

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Over the days, we have seen the press looking for any indication from anyone that this was a bad kid with violent tendencies. The answer was repeatedly no. His brother had issues, but the younger Dzhokhar Tsarnaev showed no signs at all.

Would a Patty Hearst Defense work? If you recall, in 1974, Patty hooked up with a terrorist group that referred to themselves as the Sybianese Liberation Army. She participated in, and was caught on tape, holding an M1 Carbine at the robbery.

It was determined by professionals that Patty had been under “mind control”. Sound familiar? She was originally sentenced to 35 years, but that was commuted to 7 and Jimmy Carter freed her altogether after 22 months.

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Is it believable that this 19 year old boy was so influenced by his older brother and/or so afraid, that he participated against his own free will?

Even if you do not believe the story personally, it is a believable defense and could cast reasonable doubt about the intentions of this man and how much control he had to remove himself from the crime.

It is the defense we would use.

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Patty Hearst yelling commands at bank customers
Patty Hearst at the Hibernia bank, San Francisco, yelling commands at bank customers. 15 April 1974


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