SWAT Team Admits Police Shot At Unarmed Nearly Unconscious Man

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This is a doozy. The gunfight we said was questionable when the second bomber was apprehended never happened. He did not have any weapons or detonation devices on him.

The gunfire, as it turns out, was of police origin. Apparently, a bunch of trigger happy cops decided to take target practice without being ordered to do so. They were quickly called upon to cease fire.

It is possible that these gun crazed men in blue added to the injuries the 19 year old had already sustained, making his questioning more difficult as well as his apprehension.

Hundreds of these police shooting at an unarmed 19 year old already shot and bleeding and barely conscious. They could have killed him, and then there would be no answers regarding this incident. Just two dead men.

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These cops couldn’t find the suspect even though he was just three blocks or so from the abandoned car with a blood trail leading to and into the boat. It took a local citizen to find him. And when the police got there, they couldn’t keep their hands off their triggers.

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Any one of those officers that fired his/her gun without specific orders to do so should be investigated. Trigger happy cops are not safe for the community at large and could have totally blown the opportunity to take the suspect alive and the victims and their families would never have had true closure or understanding of this incident.

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