More Exposed Lies From The Boston Marathon Bombing While Neil Diamond Sings Sweet Caroline At A Red Sox Game

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Lies to get publicity in the face of an act that killed innocent people are abhorrent to say the least. And yet, our media and state and local authorities appear to, as we stated yesterday, to have spewed many falsehoods to portray their actions as vastly more heroic than they were, to fabricate stories to draw a public desperate for information about the incident and to magnify what was already a horrific event.

The finger pointing has already begun. Each “news” outlet blaming the other or their sources (likely police and government officials) for the lies they gladly printed without proof of their veracity and often in the face of strong evidence to the contrary.

We mentioned many of the existing gaps in the story, and many of the lies from the bombing to the capture, and how we expected more lies to get exposed over the days ahead, but we were surprised at how fast they are becoming evident. We will not repeat the lies exposed in our prior article, you can read that separately, but we will print the new doozies for you.

1. In the initial story, the suspects fled Cambridge to Watertown with the police in hot pursuit. They were shooting at the police and throwing bombs from their vehicles. But a photo was later released of the younger suspect at an ATM in Watertown at 11:18 PM that demonstrated this had to be fabricated. And now, as it turns out, there was no chase. The men drove to Watertown with nary a police car in tow.

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2. Following the chase, the cornered men allegedly took to firing at police. But there was no chase. The likely truth is that one local Watertown policeman apparently startled the suspects at about 1 AM (3 hours after they allegedly carjacked a car in Cambridge) who began firing on him drawing more local Watertown police who fired back. The older brother apparently quickly ran out
of bullets and charged the police, supposedly bombs were thrown, etc. but no one but the suspect was hurt. There is a statement that a policeman tackled him before the younger suspect drove at them and ran over his own brother. That fairy tale will go down next we are certain. If it did happen, that is one stupid policeman.

3. Why the police did not search the immediate area first before sending SWAT teams all through Watertown is beyond anyone’s comprehension, but at the end, they found the 19 year old hiding in a boat, alerted not by any of the thousands of cops on the scene, but a local citizen several blocks from where the car had initially been abandoned. The media spewed forth that there was a gun fight and the injured suspect had shot at police who returned fire. That didn’t happen either. The suspect did not look out of the boat until the police yelled for him to surrender through their bullhorn. The police did all the shooting and used stun grenades, but apparently, the suspect did not even have a gun with him or any bombs and was in serious condition barely able to breath or stand.

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Shootings In Cambridge, Watertown Draw Massive Police Response

As the lies get exposed, huge gaps open up in the story and no one is filling them in, which implies the authorities are covering up the truth because they hugely bungled this incident. One question that absolutely has to arise is that if the man taken hostage at the carjacking was released at 10:30 PM in Cambridge, and, according to the media, he had left his cell phone in the car and the police were tracking it, why were the suspects still driving about undiscovered 3 hours later only several miles from the scene?

There is more cow excrement to follow. How deep it will get is unclear, but the real truth will likely not come out for weeks, and by then, the liars will all hope that the stench will have subsided and you will all have forgotten.

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4 Responses to "More Exposed Lies From The Boston Marathon Bombing While Neil Diamond Sings Sweet Caroline At A Red Sox Game"

  1. sumon saha   April 24, 2013 at 2:25 am

    The boston marathon bombing is a critical issue for the nation. It has arisen a great debate and criticism. The proper and legal justice to this case is a national demand. The criminals should be brought to justice by any means. There should be no lie nor hypocrisy in the justice procedure. The nation should be provided with the information leading to justice.

  2. rojina pandey   April 24, 2013 at 4:28 am

    […] that don’t add up (like the recent Marathon Bombing Articles on CNN, Fox News, etc. here and here), we stumbled on this […]

  3. Jimmy B   April 24, 2013 at 9:14 am

    Good for Neil Diamond. It was great that he showed up to sing it in person for the folks at Fenway in Boston. I’m glad he didn’t follow up “Sweet Caroline” with his song “America”. You know, that’s a really good song he did about immigrants coming to America. I

  4. Lepa Tanja   April 24, 2013 at 5:01 pm

    Yes,I absolutely agree with You. There were a lot of “suspicious” decisions of the Police about tracking the attackers and their “pursuit”.
    Another “game of politicians” in which citizens get killed.


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