How To Make Factual News Out Of Nothing 101, Taught By The Boston Globe

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This article came out tonight right after we printed our last. The police chief of Watertown said he thought that it was likely (in other words a big maybe) that the older brother died as a result of being run over by his younger brother. No coroner report has been done and the man had so many injuries, experts have already stated outright it was unclear what killed him.

Now, I have a ton of questions for the Chief on his story, but here is the headline!!

Suspect alive until flee attempt

Older brother killed after younger sibling ran him over


This was from the Boston Globe, not the National Enquirer.

Truth may be stranger than fiction, but fiction makes headlines.

Shame on the Globe for taking advantage of this incident. Are they taking lessons from the New York Post? Shouldn’t we be focusing on the victims and not glorifying the incident with lies?

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