Editorial: Was a four year old framed for murder?

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Disclaimer: Before reading this article, note that this in no way represents determined facts nor is it based on any investigation of any kind. It is merely a response to the article printed on CNN.COM and is not intended to imply guilt or make any accusation. The article is intended solely to indicate that if the CNN report is accurate, it is either extremely incomplete, or the story does not add up. And because of that fact, a thorough investigation should be required by authorities without regard to the involvement of a law enforcement officer.

Among our daily perusal through the news for stories that don’t add up (like the recent Marathon Bombing Articles on CNN, Fox News, etc. here and here), we stumbled on this tidbit.

Now, it appears, if you believe the story that a policeman decided to show off his gun collection. In so doing, he placed a loaded handgun on his bed with the safety off. And just coincidentally at that moment his wife and a four year old wandered in. The four year old, unmonitored by anyone despite guns being displayed for all to see, supposedly picked up the handgun on the bed and pulled off a perfect kill shot on the man’s wife.

If you have been following the Boston Marathon Bombing stories, you know that there was an initial shoot out. Police claim to have attempted to tackle one of the suspects and wrestle with him after they had failed to even deliver one shot that slowed him down as he approached police firing his pistol. This despite numerous weapons trained on the man by what should be expert marksmen.

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How is that related to the story above you may ask? It demonstrates how difficult it is to actually get off a kill shot, even for a trained expert. Yet in 360 degrees of possible angles wall to wall and another 360 degrees of possible angles floor to ceiling, this particular four year old got off a perfect kill shot on this policeman’s wife. The odds against this, of course, are astronomical. Unlucky? Maybe.

Bear in mind this was no run of the mill gun owner. This was a collector that had likely, loaded, shot, and cleaned guns regularly. He knew everything there was to know about his guns. Now add in the fact he is a policeman, trained as an expert in firearms, that likely participates in regular target practice on a gun range, and that knows full well all the responsibilities of owning a gun and the story certainly raises an eyebrow.

For the story to be true, you have to believe that this trained policeman that carries a service revolver every day and has vast experience with guns beyond just about any normal citizen, chose to place a loaded hand gun on a bed in plain view with the safety off. This is not a casual undertaking for any policeman. Care in the operation and use of firearms is key to their training.

This story just does not add up. Believing a policeman would place a loaded handgun on the bed with the safety off just before a four year old happened to walk into the room is hard enough. That the kid picked it up and pulled off a perfect kill shot makes it nearly impossible to believe.

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No charges have been filed, but we certainly hope a full forensics report and analysis of this woman’s death are done. The investigation should especially consider the angle at which the bullet entered her body. If it didn’t come from about 2 feet off the floor, it wasn’t the four year old that killed her. Just saying.

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