Authorities Begin To Admit Their Lies of Heroism and Daring Do, Shot Unarmed Man in Boston Marathon Bombing Pursuit

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Here is something that authorities did not want you to know, because if you knew the day of the capture, you would have realized these men were no heroes. At that time, they confronted and exchanged fire with an armed suspect determined to make a last stand. Authorities repeated it again and again. The media followed suit. But something was missing. No one ever reported that a gun was found at the scene!!!

As we have said repeatedly since the first reports trickled in about the capture of the second Boston Marathon Bombing suspect, it was doubtful the second victim even had a gun when apprehended. He was too badly hurt and the helicopter above had a heat signature on him that would have lit up like fireworks if a gun went off.

What witness heard was a set of ill-trained jittery police firing on the boat at an unarmed man. It was not a final stand or a gun fight. It was senseless violence by the police.

What the helicopter showed was a man not even moving in the bottom of a boat bleeding to death. Whether you think he deserved it or not is irrelevant. Catching him alive is a gift from God for the survivors and families of victims and survivors. It also provides much stronger intelligence regarding the attack and how to prevent future attacks. All that could have been ruined by a few trigger happy cops. Any cop that fires at an unarmed man should at the very least be retrained, if not dismissed. And he is certainly no hero.

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Here are the sad facts folks. He was unarmed and nearly dead in the bottom of a boat. The people flying the chopper could clearly see that. It had cost millions to find him just 3 blocks from his car with a blood trail leading to the boat. And when we did, an army of police shot at him and bombed him for no logical reason.

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Someone really needs to examine the facts here eventually. Some heads have to roll. This wasn’t just overkill, it was senseless and inexcusable. Investigations of these trigger happy cops should hopefully be pursued before they jump in a different situation and murder someone innocent.

And the next time someone decides to call out every Swat Team in MA to catch a teenager and shut down three cities in the process, they may want to just look in the logical places first, like in a three block radius of where he left his car maybe?

The more you read the news, the more you despise how poorly managed this was. Hard to imagine if there were three bleeding, badly injured suspects in such a case, the cops may want to send in tanks or even nukes.

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