Walk at Your Next Meeting

Americans sit for an average of 9.3 hours a day. And a slew of studies have shown just how unhealthy that is, linking it to heart disease, obesity, and cancer. So next time you need to meet with a colleague, don’t book a conference room. Take a walk. Aside from the much-needed exercise, there are […]

Get the Most Out of Your Online Presence

Small business owners frequently double as world-class plate spinners, working hard to keep all those moving parts in motion. But if you really want business growth with more customers and fatter revenues – and who doesn’t – focus more time on the plate labeled “Web presence.” Web presence simply refers to all of your online […]

Report: Criminals Put a Bull’s-eye on Web Infrastructure

Cybercriminals have begun focusing their malicious endeavors on the sinew of the Internet to reap greater rewards. For months now, Net bandits have targeted key infrastructure elements — from the domain-naming service to certificate-issuing authorities to hosting services — in order to spread cash-producing malware. “They’re going after the infrastructure of the Internet,” said Dave […]

What Happens When Android Fails?

I’ve just finished doing yet another news program on the increasing risks of using an Android phone, and the discussions have started to drift to the potential for class-action lawsuits, commercial plane crashes, and cyberdisasters that would make 9/11 seem trivial — all connected to this platform. McAfee — clearly no fan of Android — […]

FOSS Fact or Fiction? A Tale of Two Surveys

It’s a well-known fact that statistics can be manipulated to suit virtually every occasion and purpose, but every once in a while an example comes along that illustrates that rule with breathtaking clarity. Case in point? Two recent surveys on the topic of FOSS that came out in the very same week. One suggested Linux […]

Status Board Gives You a Stylish Dashboard for Your Life

Executive dashboards are now common in business environments — graphical interfaces that show managers key metrics about their enterprises like sales activity, inventory or financials. They tick and update in real time, and they require hooks into business data to work. Panic, Inc., has created a simple dashboard for real people. Status Board lets you […]

TV Networks vs. Technology: The Battle Rages On

Earlier this month, News Corp. Chief Operating Officer Chase Carey threatened to pull the Fox network off the airwaves and convert it to a pay-TV channel. This came following a court ruling that allowed New York City-based Aereo to allow its subscribers to view over-the-air TV broadcasts. Aereo was in essence pirating the broadcasts, Carey […]

PowerMap Lets Users Visualize the Lay of the CRM Land

PowerObjects has released PowerMap, a new add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. “It is a way to create a visualization of geolocation in the database,” said PowerObjects CEO Dean Jones. Version 2, which is expected in a few weeks, will have stepped-up capabilities, and a more advanced version will follow within a few months. At its […]

Is the Price of Gold Signaling an Economic Slowdown?

Friday’s GDP number was a disappointment. The consensus among economists was that growth for the first quarter would be at least 3% (at an annual rate adjusted for inflation). The actual number was only 2.5%. And even that wasn’t as good as it looked. Growth late last year was very weak, so part of the […]