Government Becomes The Hacker

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The truth of the matter is the government is increasingly threatened by cyber attack.  They are losing the battle.  Leaks are occurring at an alarming rate, and national security is at risk.

The order Obama is likely to make on Wednesday is geared towards protecting against cyber attacks is targeted at industry, but is geared to expose the weaknesses of industry.  The idea, according to Uncle Sam, is to allow companies to come forward with problems such as malware, viruses, and other attacks without being outed to the media.

Of course, if that occurs, many of us will not know when our private information has been violated.  In other words, protect the company and government, the citizen does not matter.

While industry may embrace this, small businesses should be quite wary.  This is often the first step in regulation.  Initially, they will invite the companies to participate, exposing much of their infrastructure.  Any government violations would, of course, be fully exposed so any company not fully in compliance would be vulnerable to government retribution.  And eventually, government would be able to impose and enforce legislation that could cost small business millions for little benefit.

Security is important to our nation.  But one must be wary of government intrusions, which could be worse than any hacker.  This quote is of great concern.  “Companies aren’t going to, at first, be required to do anything. These are voluntary standards, except for a few critical infrastructure companies,” said James Lewis, senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. ”…at first…” indeed.

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