Scientists on Unparticle Hunt Give Earth a Spin

The CERN team in Switzerland uses the Large Hadron Collider to search for the elusive Higgs-Boson. A small team of researchers led by Larry Hunter, a professor of physics at Amherst College, can top them in one aspect: It is using the entire planet as a particle detector that could open up new areas of […]

Inside the Hunt for Chinese Hackers

A recent report by Mandiant, a U.S. information security firm, has added an important new chapter to the discussion about cybersecurity — and put China on the defensive. In chronicling the massive, years-long espionage campaign conducted by the People’s Liberation Army Unit 61398, the report implicates the Chinese government and military, and makes suspicions about […]

Holistic Tech Support in a DIY World

The evolving technological needs of consumers have prompted changes not only in tech support services, but also in the business strategies of technical support providers. Those providers need to adjust their business models in order to effectively meet consumers’ needs and remain relevant. At first glance, many recent innovations would seem to eliminate the need […]