Google Juices Mobile Ad Delivery

Advertisers targeting mobile device users have some homework to do on the Google mobile ads system. The search giant this week provided more specificity about its AdWords Enhanced Campaigns, which lets mobile advertisers adjust bids by device, location and time of day within a single campaign. For example, a pizza restaurant may pay more for […]

HP’s Less Crummy Than Expected Q1 Spurs Wishing, Hoping

After months of dismal news, HP had something positive to report to its shareholders: fiscal Q1 numbers that exceeded both Wall Street and company expectations. Granted, the bar was set exceedingly low for the company, which shocked investors last year with news that it would have to take an $8.8 billion impairment charge, $5 billion […]

What’s an Oscar Worth at the Box Office?

Is winning a coveted Academy Award a priceless experience? Come on, this is Hollywood. Movie studios don’t tailor their release schedules around Oscar season and pour money into Oscar-bait films just for that warm, fuzzy feeling of a job well done. They’re hoping that having a film, director or actor take home a golden statuette […]

Got Caught Speeding? Your Insurer Might Never Find Out

Flashing red lights in your rear-view mirror are never a good thing, but it turns out getting a traffic ticket might not be as expensive as you think.  Conventional wisdom is that the financial hit of the fine is only part of the equation; the bigger concern is that your car insurance rates will shoot […]

Balance Creative Free Time with Structure

It’s a well-established principle that people need slack time to work through their ideas. Companies like 3M and Google have given innovation “time off” to their scientists and engineers. But perhaps your company struggles to justify that level of slack, or you aren’t confident that your employees would use such time effectively. A more focused […]

Einhorn to Apple: Time to Pay the Piper

Hedge fund manager and rogue Apple investor David Einhorn hosted a conference call for shareholders Thursday as he continued his campaign to steer more cash from the company’s balance sheet toward investors. Einhorn, a manager at Greenlight Capital, used the call as part of his broader strategy to pressure Apple to issue a stockholder dividend […]

Slick Syncing May Sell You on Firefox for Android

I’ve taken to browsing the Web with a mobile device like a duck to water, despite the generally appalling user experience. I remember well the days of balancing hot and heavy Dell laptops on my middle, recumbent on a sofa — peering awkwardly at an obscurely angled keyboard, lap getting hotter and hotter. Relief came […]