Obama Hits 3 Year High as Republicans Sink to New Low

A new Bloomberg National Poll finds President Obama enters the latest showdown with Congress with his highest job approval in three years and public support for his economic message, while his Republican opponents’ popularity stands at a record low. Key findings: 55% of Americans approve of Obama’s in office, the strongest support since Sept 2009. […]

Flashback Quote of the Day

“I think when you’re — when you’re attacking the integrity of someone who has been in public service for his entire lifetime, at great sacrifice, supporting no fewer than eight children and with the many sacrifices and the many contributions Senator Domenici has made, not only to the country, but to New Mexico…” — Michelle Laxalt, […]

Is Marco Rubio Really Electable?

Nate Silver: “Among Republican presidential nominees since 1960, in fact, only the extraordinarily conservative Barry Goldwater, who had a score of 67, rates as being more conservative than Mr. Rubio.” Nate Cohn: “In the best-case scenario, Rubio’s attractive candidacy and appeal among Latinos might allow the Republican nominee to match Romney’s historic performance among white […]

The Republican Star You’ve Never Heard Of

Politico: “You haven’t seen a YouTube video of Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam berating a constituent at a town hall meeting. You probably haven’t watched him on Fox News… But while attracting scant national attention and eschewing the camera-friendly approach of most up-and-coming Republican governors, Bill Haslam has amassed one of the most extensive conservative governing […]

Microsoft Shoots for New Outlook.com Users by Targeting Less

Microsoft has made its new Outlook.com email service generally available, following six months of receiving and incorporating user feedback. The service is ready to scale to a billion people, the company said, and Hotmail users will be shifted over to form the core of that base. The preview attracted 60 million users who signed in […]

Dell’s Q4 Earnings Beat Estimates, Add to Buyout Debate

Dell reported another quarter with a drop in sales and profits, but its Q4 earnings Tuesday did beat analyst expectations, thereby putting a hotter spotlight on the computer maker’s proposed $24.4 billion leveraged buyout deal. The company reported a net income of $530 million, or 30 cents per share, a 31 percent drop from the […]

Despite Denials, China No Doubt Sponsored Hacks, Insists Mandiant

A study on Chinese hacking practices issued by U.S. security firm Mandiant sent shock waves Wednesday through the technology and business worlds. A large number of cyberattacks on American corporations, organizations and government agencies are coming from a building near Shanghai that houses, as one media outlet describes it, the “People Liberation Army base for […]

AP Source: Boeing to Propose 787 Battery Fix

(WASHINGTON) — A congressional official says Boeing will propose to federal regulators a plan to temporarily fix problems with the 787 Dreamliner’s batteries that have kept the planes on the ground for more than a month. The official said Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO Ray Conner is expected to present the plan to Michael Huerta, head […]

Mrs. Warren Goes to Washington: Does the Market Mistrust Big Banks?

Critics of the nation’s largest banks haven’t had very many friends in Washington lately, but that dynamic changed markedly in January, when Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren — perhaps Big Finance’s most articulate gadfly — was sworn in and given a seat on the Senate Banking Committee. And last week, the committee held its first hearing […]

Google May Set Up Shop Around the Corner

Google may be planning to launch an ambitious brick-and-mortar retail operation to show off its consumer products. It will open standalone retail stores across the U.S. in time for the holidays, according to the latest rumor, to showcase its Nexus tablets, Chromebooks, Glass and other products. The move would be a big step up from […]

You’ll Never Guess What Banks Have Started Charging For Now

Banks are charging record-high fees for existing services such as account maintenance and overdrafts. But banks are also getting creative, rolling out services — and fees — that never existed before. For instance, at one bank, if you’re sick of waiting on hold to talk to a customer service rep, you can pay a fee […]

Get Creative with Job Perks

Looking for a unique way to reward your employees? Consider this list of nontraditional benefits compiled by CareerBuilder. Money, benefits and flexible job schedules are the most effective ways to boost employee retention, but a quarter of workers say unique perks can help, so it’s worth considering doing something out of the ordinary for your […]

Fedora 18: Nice Tweaks to the OS, but It’s Haunted by a GNOME

Fedora 18, dubbed “the Spherical Cow,” was finally released on Jan. 15 after seven postponements that stretched two months beyond its scheduled six-month release cycle. Despite some noteworthy improvements overall to the operating system, I found little about Fedora 18 to justify adopting it over other Linux distros or upgrading to it from an earlier […]