Fatigued Users Fall Away From Facebook

Tired of Facebook? You’re not alone. More than half the members of the social network have taken a break from it from time to time, and more than a quarter told researchers they planned to spend less time there in the future, according to a report released Tuesday by the Pew Internet Project. In addition, […]

Apple Opens Its Arms to Self-Publishing E-Book Authors

Apple has staked out some precious ground in the e-book battle with Tuesday’s debut of Breakout Books, a new section in the iBookstore. This move is a no-brainer for Apple as it seeks to match what Amazon is doing with its Kindle platform, said Ben Bogardus, an assistant professor of journalism at Quinnipiac University. “Hosting […]

Free Federal Wireless Broadband For All Americans? Fuggedaboutit!

The United States government is not going to be providing free WiFi Internet access to consumers anytime soon. That news may surprise anyone who read a startling Washington Post story on Sunday, which seemed to confuse a fairly esoteric telecom policy proposal about the use of so-called “white space” wireless spectrum with some sort of free […]

Facebook May Be Mapping Out a Location-Tracking App

Facebook, which already has a long history of skirmishes with privacy advocates, may be heading toward another fight following reports that the company is working on a mobile location-tracking app. The app, set for release in mid-March, would reportedly run in the background even when other apps are running on the smartphone, or when the […]

Obama names REI chief to lead the Interior Department

WASHINGTON – President Obama on Wednesday nominated Sally Jewell, a former oil engineer and banker and current chief executive of a national outdoor retailer, to lead the Interior Department, making an unorthodox pick for his first woman nominee to his second-term Cabinet. Read more from the original source…