Wal-Mart to meet with Biden on guns

WASHINGTON – Representatives from Wal-Mart will meet with Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday to discuss gun policy, after initially declining the administration’s invitation because of a scheduling conflict. Read more from the original source…

Linux Mint 14 Is a Breath of Fresh Air

Linux Mint 14, released in December and dubbed the “Nadia” version, is loaded with a horde of improvements to all four of its desktop environments. It is not usually necessary to grab every new release to a distro, but Nadia is a significant upgrade to an evolving Linux OS. This one is a keeper. The […]

Moving to the Front Office

For a long time, many people have been predicting the demise of ERP, and while I share those sentiments, demise takes many forms. The one we all understand well is the crash-and-burn variety, but that’s not the only and perhaps not even the predominant approach. The crash is at best the final step. Humpty Dumpty […]

The Steady Drumbeat of the Global M-Commerce Revolution

The next-gen e-commerce player is globally minded and logistically savvy, with an eye firmly fixed on the opportunities presented by mobile. If you think this sounds like Amazon, you’re right. However, it also applies to countless other etailers and service providers positioning themselves for growth in 2013. The face of e-commerce has changed. It is […]