Biden says White House exploring executive actions on guns

WASHINGTON — As he began a final series of meetings with stakeholder groups to develop recommendations on gun violence, Vice President Joe Biden signaled Wednesday that one focus may be on measures the Obama administration can take independently of Congress. Read more from the original source…

Dish Makes Bid to Run Away With Clearwire

Dish Network has made a multifaceted offer to acquire all or part of Clearwire, potentially complicating Sprint’s recent proposal to acquire the rest of the wireless network operator. Sprint, which is already Clearwire’s majority stakeholder, last month announced a proposal to buy the remaining 49 percent of Clearwire. The agreement is still subject to regulatory […]

Is Herbalife a Pyramid Scheme, the Target of Market Manipulation, or Just a Good Gripping Yarn?

Australian money manager John Hempton has called the battle between investor Bill Ackman and nutritional supplement company Herbalife “hedge fund porn.” There is indeed something vaguely obscene about the ongoing drama, but the plot is much richer — and more interesting — than that of the typical skin flick. The Ackman/Herbalife tussle is probably more […]

Bonus Quote of the Day

“The president is going to act. There are executives orders, there’s executive action that can be taken. We haven’t decided what that is yet.” — Vice President Biden, quoted by CNN, in comments before a meeting with victims of gun violence. Read more from the original source…

How Dark Money Tipped Montana’s Senate Race

ProPublica reports a small “dark money” group called Montana Hunters and Anglers, launched by liberal activists, bought radio and television ads in Montana’s U.S. Senate race — not supporting incumbent Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) but instead backing libertarian Dan Cox, describing him as the “real conservative” or the “true conservative.” “Where did the group’s money […]

Christie More Popular Among Democrats

A new Public Policy Polling survey shows New Jersey Gov. Chris Chrisitie (R) is now actually more popular with Democrats nationally than he is with Republicans. Christie’s overall favorability is 51% to 23%, but his +29 standing with Democrats, 52% to 23%, is higher than his +21 with GOP voters, 48% to 27%. He’s most […]

There’s No Crying in Redistricting

GOP pollster Bill McInturff: “Republicans captured 49.4% of the two-party vote for Congress in 2012, yet won 54% of the seats in the House. This gap between the Republican vote and the seats they won is on the high side, but certainly not without precedent over the past 40 years. If you began your career […]

‘Curious’ Hack Jailbreaks Windows RT

A security researcher has hacked Windows RT to allow it to run desktop applications by bypassing the OS’s security systems. The jailbreaking isn’t dangerous to users’ systems, he insists. “It cannot at this point be exploited without the user actually wanting it, so it’s not dangerous,” researcher C.L. Roker said. The flaw that permitted Roker […]

3 Ways to Get People to Change

You can change strategy, products, and processes all you want, but real change doesn’t take hold until your employees actually change what they do every day. That’s easier said than done. Here are three ways to take on the challenge: Embrace the power of one. People need clear direction. If you bombard them with eight values […]

Happy Employees Mean Greater Profits

A number of studies have found a direct correlation between workplace morale and corporate results, so how can you improve employee morale – and, by extension, your bottom line? Start by measuring how happy your employees are. Fred Reichheld’s Net Promoter feedback system was designed to measure customer service quality, but Apple uses it to […]

US Officials Pin Bank Hack Attack on Iran

U.S. government officials and security experts are convinced that a recent cyberattack on American banks was executed by Iran. The U.S. has not yet divulged any evidence to corroborate their accusations, but security experts reportedly say the attack displayed a level of sophistication not possible for an amateur. The style of the attack, which aimed […]

Dish Network Makes $5.15B Bid for Clearwire

NEW YORK — Satellite TV provider Dish Network is offering to buy wireless network operator Clearwire — which agreed to sell itself to Sprint in December — for $3.30 per share, or $5.15 billion. Clearwire Corp. said it will discuss the unsolicited offer with Dish. However Sprint, which owns 51 percent of Clearwire, said it […]

Samsung Takes CES by Storm

Samsung has unveiled a slew of smart TVs and related technologies at the 2013 CES, being held this week in Las Vegas. They include a redesigned Samsung Smart Hub TV center; S-Recommendation Technology; advanced Smart Interaction technology; motion control; and the Samsung Allshare content-sharing software. Television sets unveiled by the Korean electronics giant include three […]