Nielsen to Buy Arbitron for About $1.26B

(NEW YORK) — Nielsen, the dominant source of TV ratings, on Tuesday said it had agreed to buy Arbitron for about $1.26 billion to expand into radio measurement. Arbitron pays 70,000 people to carry around gadgets that register what stations they’re listening to. Since Nielsen also collects cash register data, CEO David Calhoun said buying […]

IBM: Computers Are Going to Start Making a Lot More Sense

IBM listed technologies based on the five human senses in its 2012 “5 in 5” — five innovations that will change lives within five years. The predictions include advances in cognitive systems to unlock the door to touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell. The list that IBM makes each year doesn’t reflect what its engineers, […]

YouTube’s Capture App Opens Direct Route for Video Uploads

YouTube on Monday launched Capture, an app for iPhone and iPod touch that lets people share their videos instantaneously. The new app is Google’s first foray into instant video sharing from mobile devices and an effort to bring more homemade video content into its ecosystem by streamlining the sharing process. Capture allows for instantaneous creation […]

Take More Vacation

In a world of ever-increasing demands, people are spending less time out of the office and taking fewer days off. Fall victim to this trend, and it will harm your health and productivity. Instead, do the following: Take every day of vacation you’re given. Don’t hold it over and don’t tell yourself that you don’t have […]

Don’t Ignore Old-fashioned Offline Promotion

So you have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, email newsletters and a website optimized for search engines and mobile users. Now don’t forget good old-fashioned offline promotion. A few years back, marketing firm iProspect found that two-thirds of online searchers are driven by information obtained offline. That’s a pretty amazing statistic for a world […]

3 Approaches to Curbing Gun Violence — Using Economics

Last week’s tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut has done what many mass-shootings did not: reinvigorate the national debate over gun control. Advocates for restricting gun use in America have been on the retreat for almost two decades, as states across the country have scrapped restrictions on gun use and the federal ban on assault weapons — […]