The New Car Lie – 2013 Toyota Camry LE, XLE, Hybrid

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So, what is the big lie? The 2013 Camry is nowhere to be found. Almost every other car manufacturer on the planet has all their 2013 models out. And the big lie is that the 2013 won’t be a huge difference from the 2012, so you may as well jump on board now.

Don’t believe a word of it. The rumor that is emerging is that Toyota desperately wants to retain its number one position in the market. Honda, Ford and Nissan among others have placed their chips on the table, while Toyota has been patient knowing their popular 2012 will continue to sell until customers realize the 2013 is vastly better.

The new Camry, while not visually different on the exterior, will have many new options included that could make it worth your while to wait!

Rumor has it the baseline Camry will now have more horsepower and include a navigation system with web-based Entune standard and still deliver 35 MPG on the highway. The SE will have more equipment as well and a better designed interior, ridding itself of the ugly seat design Toyota tried to thrust on the public in 2012, resulting in fewer sales of leather, and forcing the “leather package” on people in order to get navigation among other options along with the leather.

The new 2013 models will also depreciate much slower for just a couple of months wait. The 2012 will certainly depreciate at least as much as the costly options that will now be included at no extra cost.

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Trying to determine what will be included in the 2013 model is so difficult that it makes it obvious Toyota is doing all they can to conceal the lie that the 2012 is basically the same car.   If they were, there would  be no reason to hold off so long on the announcement.  Even the dealer websites referring to the new car come up with blank pages or page not found errors and dealers insist that Toyota has not even told them yet what will be included as options in the new cars.

Toyota is basically saying there is nothing to see while doing everything they can to hide the new model, making it evident that the statement the car will be basically the same is, well, a big lie. But the 2013 car shows are coming, and Toyota will have to have their car on the floor by no later than early January to get into the shows in the biggest cities with their lead offering.

With the new 2013 Avalon already announced starting pretty darned loaded at 30K, A Camry over 30K will be a hard sell even in the Hybrid version, so expect discounts early and a major battle among the new 2013 models or a string of new features to lure buyers considering the alternatives.

Toyota has been smart, holding off and determining what they have to do to maintain or even gain market share after everyone else has played their cards. But it also means that they will have to one up the crowd, and because of that, it is looking like the customer will get vastly more by waiting for the 2013.

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  1. DRJJ   November 28, 2012 at 6:04 pm

    Relax, the 2013 will be the same as the 12 just too busy filling orders! It’s lonely at the top some times! Well done Toyota production systems this is one fine car and the best value easy! Why dealers are discountuing these is beyond me! Only weakness I can find is paint looks marginal under ultra violet, but appears to meet industry standards!


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