The Thanksgiving Holiday vs. Holiday Shopping Tug-of-War

Stick a fork in the sacrosanctity of Thanksgiving — it is done. A number of retailers, most famously Walmart, will be opening their doors on Thanksgiving Day, on the premise that they will be scooping up sales from consumers too eager to wait for Black Friday. Whether that is true or whether so-called Gray Thursday […]

Firefox 17 Gets Friendly With Facebook, Wary of iFrames

Mozilla has made its Web browser more social — and more secure — with the release of Firefox 17. The latest version of the foundation’s popular browser includes a plug-in that displays notifications and instant messages from Facebook in a sidebar. The plug-in is the first implementation of the Social API introduced by Mozilla in […]

NYT’s Trademark Vigilance Cranks Up Twitter Mockery Meter

“GUYS, young people like to hang out in groups, and The Times is ON IT.” So goes The Times Is On It, the latest parody account to take Twitter by storm. Creator Benjamin Kabak’s running joke is on The New York Times for its breathless reporting of everything obvious. On Monday, though, @NYTOnIt suddenly disappeared. […]

ICANN C’tee Reveals Swarm of Objections to ‘.anything’ Names

The committee reviewing applications for new top-level domains has publicized more than 250 objections to dozens of them, along with the reasons behind the responses. The Internet Committee for Assigned Names and Numbers’ Government Advisory Committee, which represents about 50 governments worldwide, has listed the objections on its website. The objections range from the geographical […]

Wicked Awesome Analytics

Incorporating analytics in a vendor’s solution set was once enough to qualify the vendor as very forward looking and a leader in the market. I think that’s true in CRM for sure, and this metric could be spreading. Ever since Salesforce introduced its Marketing Cloud at Cloudforce New York, however, that hasn’t been enough. Salesforce […]

Apple Tries Its Hand at Discounts, Refurbs

This Friday marks the unofficial kickoff of the holiday season, as many stores open early to offer some of the best deals of the season, and this year, Apple is getting in on the fun. Discounts are unusual for Apple, but it teased the Black Friday deals that only will be available Nov. 23, both […]