Romney and Ryan rally in Ohio in ‘final push’

WEST CHESTER, Ohio — Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan kicked off the final weekend of campaigning Friday at a night rally featuring some of the Republican Party’s brightest stars where they told a crowd of more than 20,000 that President Obama had fallen short on his promises by continuing to “promote government” and “demote businesses.”  […]

King Way Ahead in Maine

A new Public Policy Polling survey in Maine shows Angus King (I) way ahead in the U.S. Senate race with 50%, followed by Charlie Summers (R) at 36% and Cynthia Dill (D) at 12%. Read more from the original source…

Romney Trails in Home States

CNN: “President James K. Polk holds a distinction among those who have sought the nation’s top job: He’s the only major candidate to win the White House despite losing the vote in the state where he was born and the state where he lived.” “It happened in 1844, and now 168 years later, Republican nominee […]

Harry Reid to conciliatory Mitt Romney: phooey!

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has a response to Mitt Romney’s claim that he will “reach across the aisle” to work with Democrats in Congress, if he becomes president: Don’t bet on it. Read more from the original source…

Nine Electoral College Forecasts

Ryan Teague Beckwith rounds up electoral maps from nine political prognosticators, all of which see President Obama winning re-election with anywhere from 281 to 332 electoral votes. Read more from the original source…

Microsoft’s Hitting the Hard Stuff

Microsoft could be developing its own Windows Phone hardware — it reportedly is working with Asian suppliers to create a new handset. While it has several partners that are bringing out Windows Phone 8 devices, including Nokia and HTC, this would be the company’s first foray into the handset market as a hardware manufacturer. Microsoft […]

Android Rules the Smartphone World

Android dominates the worldwide smartphone market, running on 75 percent of all smartphones shipped throughout the globe in the third quarter, IDC reported. Samsung continued to hold sway over the Android market, but its market share slipped because of competition from a multitude of smaller vendors. Apple’s iOS came in a poor second, shipping on […]

Shrum Calls Another Election

Robert Shrum, who famously called Sen. John Kerry “Mr. President” after seeing the first exit poll results for the 2004 election, writes Mitt Romney’s political obituary four days before Election Day. “Still, the fault is not just in his party but in himself. The Romney campaign has been a trail of missteps–and the Obama managers […]

Viewpoint: The Art of Badmouthing Good Jobs News

If there’s one thing that Americans for Prosperity won’t tolerate, it’s prosperity. That was the message from the group’s leader following this morning’s economic news: a better-than-expected employment report, and the upward revision of figures for the prior two months. “Reckless spending, higher debt, and ever-higher taxes are not helping Americans get back to work,” roared Tim […]

Google and Rosetta Stone Settle, Consumers Win

Google and Rosetta Stone reached a settlement in a trademark infringement case this week, ending a three year legal battle with a promise to work together to fight the misuse of trade names. In a 2009 lawsuit, Rosetta Stone claimed that Google allowed rival language software companies to use Rosetta Stone keywords and language in […]

The Best Ski Deals You’ll Find This Season

Yes, skiing can be an incredibly expensive sport. (See: one-day lift passes in excess of $100.) No, skiing doesn’t have to be an incredibly expensive sport. (See: cheap and freebie promotions below.) Every season, North American ski resorts roll out special lodging packages that include free or discounted lift passes, especially during slower midweek periods. […]

FTC May Hobble Google’s Motorola Patent-Defense Strategy

U.S. Federal Trade Commission staff have recommended that Google should be sued for antitrust violations, and a majority of the agency’s five commissioners appear inclined to do so, according to a report citing anonymous sources. The staff recommendations were made last month; however, they are not likely to be published until after the presidential election. […]