GM and Chrysler rebut Romney auto bailout claims

TAMPA, Fla. — As Mitt Romney released more misleading claims about President Obama and the auto bailout on Tuesday, officials at GM and Chrysler weighed in and said the statements put forward by Romney about job losses and the offshoring of jobs were false — an unusual move for corporations, which tend to avoid entering […]

Google’s Nexus 10 Hits Apple Where It Lives

Google canceled its New York press event Monday due to the impending arrival of Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast, but that didn’t stop it from announcing its new Nexus 10 tablet, along with the Nexus 4 smartphone and Android 4.2, an update to Jelly Bean. A step up in size from the Asus-made Nexus […]

SC Weighs Antique Copyright Issues in eBay Textbook Case

The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments this week in a copyright infringement case involving textbooks resold on eBay. The outcome could have lasting effects for those who sell products in the U.S. that were made abroad. The case centers around Thai student Supap Kirtsaeng, who partially financed his education in U.S. universities by reselling textbooks […]

France, Google Search for Common Ground on Link Fee

In a meeting with Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, French President Francois Hollande urged the search giant to reach an advertising-revenue agreement with French news publishers before 2013. If no agreement is reached, then France could adopt a law that would charge search engines like Google for displaying links to French news articles. Hollande’s declaration […]

Swiss Bank UBS Announces Massive Layoffs of 10,000

(GENEVA) — Swiss banking giant UBS AG announced massive layoffs Tuesday along with huge losses in its third-quarter results, saying it aims to trim as many as 10,000 employees, or some 15 percent of its staff, to drastically shrink its ailing investment bank. Switzerland’s biggest bank said that as part of the cost-cutting drive to […]