Money Talking: Wall Street CEOs and the Fiscal Cliff

The issue of the “fiscal cliff,” the impending tax-hike and automatic cuts to federal spending, has been put on the backburner by lawmakers trying to woo voters in the runup to the November election. Now Wall Street CEOs are throwing their weight around in a new ad campaign calling for legislation to avoid the cliff. […]

Does Your Start-Up Need an Angel?

If your startup needs funding to take it to the next level, you might want to consider angel investors. Angel investors are typically high-net worth investors who invest smaller amounts and with less stringent guidelines than you’d usually get from a venture capital firm. So while it might be a lower-pressure way to get funding, […]

Money Isn’t the Only Motivator for Top Talent

Many managers worry about how to retain top talent without breaking the bank. The good news is that even with the most sought after A-players, research shows non-monetary rewards can be more appealing than high salaries. Here are three things you can provide that often rank equal to or higher than compensation: Flex time. Offer employees […]

Atlas Shrugonomics

We all feel unappreciated sometimes. It was the particular genius of überlibertarian author Ayn Rand to turn those hurt feelings into a political movement of sorts, at least in the fictional world of her massive novel Atlas Shrugged, in which a group of industrialists inspired by the mysterious John Galt decide to go on strike […]