F-Commerce: Business Boom or Bust?

Discussions on Facebook’s IPO and inability to market successfully have been a topic of discussion for months. Sure, Facebook has a reach of nearly a billion users, but until it can be successfully monetized, is investing in Facebook commerce a boom or a bust? The real discussion is not about Facebook’s IPO or current trading […]

T-Mobile Sells Off Towers to Feed its 4G Needs

Crown Castle International is acquiring rights to operate 7,200 of T-Mobile’s cellular towers in a $2.4 billion deal that will give the carrier’s owner, Deutsche Telekom, cash to expand its 4G LTE network in the U.S. The deal will allow Crown Castle to operate T-Mobile’s towers for 28 years. Both companies expressed satisfaction with the […]

Facebook Jettisons Phony Likes

As promised last month, Facebook is beginning a purge of so-called fake Likes from its social network. These are Likes that have been generated by malware, fake accounts or bulk purchase services. When Facebook announced its initiative last month, it theorized that less than 1 percent of Likes on any given Facebook page would be […]

EC Tightens Noose Over Microsoft’s Browser Choice Blunder

The European Commission will charge Microsoft for failing to comply with a 2009 ruling that had ordered the software giant to provide users in the European Union with a choice of Web browsers, the EU’s antitrust chief said Thursday. The EC will likely levy a hefty fine on the company. This is just the latest […]

A Bevy of Tablets Take Intel’s Clover Trail

Since the arrival of Apple’s iPad, tablet computers have primarily remained consumption devices targeting consumers. However, at Thursday’s formal launch of its new Atom processor, formerly known by the code name “Clover Trail,” Intel showed off eight new devices geared for the enterprise. The tablets, from partners including Acer, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo, LG, […]

FTC Wades Deeper Into Online Child Privacy Thicket

The Federal Trade Commission is working on an update of the rules governing the online collection of personal information, which have remained pretty much the same since 1998. The changes to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, however, are likely to do as much to invade children’s privacy as to protect it. The proposed changes […]

Facebook, Twitter Poke Holes in China’s Great Firewall

Despite government-imposed bans, Facebook and Twitter have tens of millions of users in China. Facebook use in China has reportedly swelled to 63.5 million people, a roughly eightfold increase over the 7.9 million who used the site two years ago. Twitter, meanwhile, has nearly 36 million users in China. Facebook and Twitter use among China’s […]

Galaxy Note II Poised to Hit the Runway for US Debut

Samsung on Thursday emailed out a teaser that sparked frenzied speculation about its being a harbinger for the launch of the company’s Galaxy Note II phablet. The email is titled “The Next Big Thing Is Here,” and carries an edge-on lengthwise shot of what appears to be a Samsung Galaxy Note, with the tip of […]

Debunk the Myths Holding Your Company Back

Every organization has myths about who its great leaders are, which behaviors to admire and imitate, and what customers want. These myths rarely change, even when the competitive landscape does. They are most evident when someone proposes an idea that seems outlandish because it goes against one of these untouchable beliefs. Next time your team […]

Developing a Winning Business Plan

A well-crafted business plan can give you a solid roadmap and an advantage when it comes to seeking funding, but what makes a business plan stand out? Start with a good executive summary, advises Rob Sabo at Small Business Computing. Think of it as an elevator pitch or a cover letter: a one-pager that highlights […]

U.S. Consumers More Confident in September

WASHINGTON — Higher stock prices and rising home values boosted a measure of consumer confidence in September to its second-highest level in nearly five years. The University of Michigan’s index of consumer sentiment rose to 78.3 this month from 74.3 in August. That’s just below May’s reading of 79.3, which was the highest since January […]