Obama defeats Manny Pacquiao in controversial split decision

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There is a simple lesson to be learned from the more than controversial split decision loss of Manny Pacquio to an obviously inferior and less experienced Tim Bradley. “Keep your political opinions to yourself”.

In this writer’s analysis, this was a knockout, but not of Tim Bradley. It was a political and public opinion knock out of Manny by not only those Manny attacked with his statements prior to the fight, but by Obama and his camp.



Pacquiao whipped Tim Bradley easily in every way except on the judge’s score cards. The fight has been called fixed by a Former IBF Welterweight champion boxer among others, and rigged by many more.

Investigations are likely to come as many, including the promoter blamed for the fix, have called for them. Even politicians have entered the fray.

Anyone that observed the fight from beginning to end has to laugh at the decision. It was a lopsided fight in which Tim Bradley ate more lefts than the winner of an all you can eat hotdog contest could ever ingest wieners. Bradley was humiliated, throwing almost all air all night long, barely touching Pacquiao’s gloves in most cases or taking cheap shots in the clinch. In one round, Bradley’s trainer hints to him to head butt Pacquiao, after which Bradley tried twice, but neither butt hurt Pacquiao.

The argument presented in regards to this astronomical flub by one of the judges, Duane Ford, was that Bradley gave Pacquiao a “boxing lesson”. That Bradley’s counter punches hurt Pacquio in the scoring and Bradley was the aggressor in later rounds. But being the aggressor does not score points if one does not hit the other fighter.

The counter punch argument is even more ludicrous.

According to CompuBox statistics, “Pacquiao landed more punches than Bradley in every round but one, the 9th (26-25). Note that all three judges awarded that round to Bradley, even though Pacquiao was busier and landed more power shots (22-21). One round, the 10th, was even in punches landed with 14 apiece.” Read more.

Compubox had Pacquio landing 253 punches to Bradley’s meager 159. Bradley had a hit ratio of less than 20%. Bradley was swinging at air or a ghost almost all night. Were the judges counting these shots in the dark that never made contact as punches? If they did, then the only statistic on which Bradley outscored Pacquiao was total punches thrown at 839 to 751. Could the judges have been duped by a show of hands? Maybe, but doubtful.

If, as the judge Duane Ford stated, counter-punching hurt Pacquio, then Bradley would have had to at the very least landed the same number of punches countering Pacquo as Pacquiao landed to initiate an attack. The idea, after all, of a counterpunch, is to actually land the counterpunch, not to swing at air every time one is hit. It is also rather idiotic to state that the counterpuncher was on the attack. The strategy is to respond to the attack of the opponent while his guard is down. They are diametrically opposed strategies.

The Compubox numbers are so far in favor of Pacquiao it is laughable. Either the judges could not tell if the punches were landing and scored every whiff by Bradley as a punch or this had to be intentional.

Fighters never lose with these types of Compubox numbers. This is a first. So what happened? Did the judges intentionally call this fight wrong? Of course they did, but the reason why may surprise you.

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35 Responses for “Obama defeats Manny Pacquiao in controversial split decision”

  1. Georges Foreman says:

    Hello! in my opinion Boxing is the most entertaining activity from all.

  2. Carlial says:

    The stats never lie. That fight was clearly won by Manny…but he made a total ass of himself because of his comments before the fight.

  3. William says:

    Sensitive gay people always making a big deal out of nothing, let him speak his mind not everybody has the same opinion about gay marriage, that is all.

  4. Josh says:

    The point of the article is not the result of the fight. It is not what your specific religious belief is. It is that a boxer must focus on the task at hand. Making a bigoted uninformed statement targeted at a nation that values diversity and freedom of religion was idiotic. And those of you preaching are enjoying exactly what this nation is all about. Freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Sure Manny had the right to speak out against gay marriage, but bringing Leviticus and the bible into it was just, well, dumb. In addition, he alienated many of his allies going into the fight, which could have cost him dearly.

  5. Jeff Hill says:

    God hates the SIN, not the sinner, but if the sinner doesn’t repent and turn away from their sin, they get what they ask for…’cause God REALLY hates SODOMY!

  6. Arthur says:

    lets respect if he is not in favor for gay marriage…come on..we all know he is a christian..even if he wasnt asked about it..you expected that answer already. People just want to make a big fuss out of it.

  7. Jesus says:

    Just because God invented A male and a female, too reproduce and keep the world going if he wanted the world to be gay then he would either make just males or just females. And it’s just wrong in so many ways, I have nothing against gays just don’t like it’s right but that’s why I said ‘My opinion’

  8. Ray says:

    Im not for Gay Marriage it is between Man and Woman, Pac never said nothng wrong to Gays so they need to go somewhere else. I like the gays but Im not for Gay Marriage and I will never will be.

  9. Francis says:

    Marriage is nothing like how it use to be , u wanna see true love look to your grand parents. Now days marriage or a wedding is nothing more than a expensive BBQ.

  10. Henry says:

    Manny is only misquoted ! What he meant is this:
    That’s exactly what he want to say .

  11. Rick says:

    Why is everyone so sensitive to gay people all a sudden. They ain’t worrying about all the other bullshit, as long as we don’t call a gay person a ” fag ” we are okay.

  12. rahul says:

    I have to question one thing about the bible … Why would god trash gay ppl 2 hell, If he loves everybody!!!

    as Christians and Catholics say ,”everything that happened is because of god.” so why would god create gay people for nothing. Sometimes I feel like churches are a scam. i am straight but I think gay marriage should be legal everywhere.

  13. Sutton says:

    He does love everybody, think of it as hate the sin not the sinner.And in the beginning God created man and woman only, so please don’t say He created gay people, too. The reason you are gay is because of the circumstances of your life, be it hardships or rejection, or the lack of proper upbringing.

  14. Curtis says:

    It’s not that God doesn’t accept them, He has His arms open 24/7 til the day you die. It’s just a matter of the people accepting HIM.

  15. William says:

    first of all im not gay, second, im not against or with gay marriage.
    I just find it hard to beleive that god will not accept certain people.

  16. Joseph says:

    Gay marriage is not marriage, the definition of marriage is that it is between a man and woman, that is a fact not opinion, its like calling a cat a dog. I’m not gay bashing, it’s a fact, end of argument, there can’t be gay marriage because it is not marriage. You can’t debate facts, people call me ignorant but people who believe in gay marriage are ignorant.

  17. Harold says:

    gay marriage is not alright. You can be gay tho, whatever floats your boat… I do not feel it’s right for kid’s wether there adopted, or how ever the scenario worked, i do not feel a gay couple should be allowed to raise children.When you think marrigae, what do you think of? I think of a family, an that’s just not right for a gay couple…Showing kids it’s alright to be a faggot is not alright.

  18. Billy says:

    Gay marriage helps those commited couples for legal reasons, and hurts no straight person. Get over it, and keep it in your pews.

  19. McGee says:

    I don’t give a DAMN about what the bible says, or GOD, or whatever religion you practice…This is AMERICA, and this is about CIVIL rights and fairness for all her citizens.

  20. Darrel says:

    If you want change, gay couples should get married anyway. Gay marriage is such of a silly topic because it’s so simple to fix, it’s just that no one has actually done anything about it yet.

  21. Jason Pierce says:

    Everybody has they own opinion i don’t think it’s right either. im not gonna bang wagon obama just cuz President Obama For Supporting Gay Marriage lol .

  22. Garry says:

    Obama is just putting up BS to get more votes for laws he will never do! Just like the first time he’s the worst president and needs to go down before he changes this country to dictatorship. Leave manny alone he has his beliefs like the rest of us!!

  23. Claire E says:

    I praise Manny for taking a stance, we need more people to speak up it’s about time! God comes first before anything else! I am an even bigger fan of Manny more so now than ever before!

  24. Ryan S says:

    Dont get it twisted, Obama did it for Votes.

  25. Tim says:

    everyone can express their opinions. there is nothing wrong with pacquiao disagreeing with Obama especially when Obama himself had disagreed with himself before regarding? the same issue.

  26. Josh Cannon says:

    The government has NO PLACE in marriage – it’s unconstitutional. The govt should provide legal/rights for life-partners (be they gay or straight) that’s a Civil Union. It’s not a “marriage.” The govt has no place in marriage and that is what people who jump on the bandwagon fail to understand.

  27. Daniel says:

    I believe in god and i respect what you had to say, alot of people who dont believe would just come on here and troll, saying all religious people are hypocrites and hates gay people and bla bla bla. i let people live in their own lives i dont judge, i dont care im just worrying about me and my family doing the right thing by others

    • Richard says:

      I don’t believe in God, but I know enough about what is taught of Him, and that He is the ultimate Judge. If you truly have faith in what you believe about God, you will leave others be to live as they want to live, and let them face Him in the end. I’m sure He is more likely to forgive homosexuals if they truly are living in sin, than He is to forgive those who think they are entitled to do His job for him..

  28. Alphonse says:

    It’s a sin to judge or criticize one another so all this GOD talk about at marriage, take a look back at yourself. Exactly why I laugh at people that throw religion in your face because they are the biggest hypocrites. I take NONE of them seriously

  29. Victor Wright says:

    Here is the new way to win boxing fight :
    1 land less punches
    2 receive lots of punches
    3 make an excuse like broken ankle
    4 get out boxed 10 out of 12 rounds
    5 tell everyone you lost before decision results,
    is equal to, you win a fight not even your crew will believe it

  30. Joe says:

    We all have the right to express our opinion. No one has the right to take that from you, gay or not.

  31. Thurman says:

    Completely rigged!! What I don’t get is why the hell it happened!!

  32. Smoke Candy says:

    It’s pretty clear that Manny won. And in any Angle, Bradley only got 2 rounds while Paqi got 10. But final decision has been made, can’t be revoked yeah?

  33. Joe Gully says:

    Just imagine how many people lost money on this fight. The fight wasnt even close lol. My jaw dropped when i heard the decision. Judges got paid by Floyd Mayweather so he dont have to fight Manny.

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