Organic Gardening To Reduce Government Debt

This past economic downturn has caused many in America to reassess their opinions regarding public assistance programs. After the banks, mortgage companies and investment houses robbed America blind, many people that had never before required public assistance were suddenly searching for financial help with their healthcare, housing, energy and food expenses. However, now that the […]

RIM May Give Up BlackBerry Phone Biz to Stay Alive

Research In Motion could be looking to offload its BlackBerry handset business to survive. The company’s executives are considering selling the handset-manufacturing business or even a stake in the whole company, according to numerous press reports. The company’s options could include divesting the handset division. Another option could be selling a stake to a larger […]

Facebook’s Zynga Plugs Could Sprout Into New Ad Network

Facebook recently started running ads on Zynga’s website, one of several moves the social network has made recently to expand its advertising reach. Some Zynga users now see Facebook’s Sponsored Stories ads, which display certain brands or businesses that those users’ Facebook friends have “liked.” Users log into Zynga with their Facebook accounts, so the […]

Nimble CRM Ties Up All the Loose Social Ends

A year ago, Nimble CRM launched with a simple idea: If one application could bring together a contact’s social media profile, online comments, company information and other relevant data, the sales and marketing process would be much easier. The hardest part — bringing in social media conversations — has also been the most elusive, said […]

The Supply Chain’s Weak Cybersecurity Links

Joel Brenner is the author of America the Vulnerable: Inside the New Threat Matrix of Digital Espionage, Crime and Warfare. He’s also one of the main speakers at The Open Group Conference in Washington, D.C., which begins July 16. Joel is a former senior counsel at the National Security Agency, where he advised on legal […]

Be Yourself at Conferences

Conferences can make even the most outgoing person nervous. In such a socially intense environment, it’s easy to have a mini identity crisis: Who am I? Why would people want to talk to me? Forget those worries and be yourself. Resist the urge to drop a name or spout off your credentials, e.g., you have […]

5 Ways Women Can Defy the Odds & Start a Business

Here’s a simple test: Name your top five role models (aside from family and friends)? How many of them are women? You may be unable to connect your inspiration to a female role model, simply because there aren’t enough female leaders out there. Here’s one likely factor in that truth: A study of women entrepreneurs released […]

How to Negotiate Like a Pro

As a small business owner, you probably do a lot of your own negotiating (along with a lot of other things). Here are some tips that could help make you a more effective negotiator – which could mean more dollars flowing to your business. According to Stephanie Vance, author of “The Influence Game: 50 Insider […]