Twitter’s Not Singing About Outage Details

Twitter was unavailable to users for significant portions of the day on Thursday. Contrary to speculation, it wasn’t due to a hack attack, despite attempts by some groups to claim responsibility. Rather, a “cascading bug” in one of its infrastructure components was the cause for the upheaval, Twitter said. A cascading bug is a bug […]

Siri Bows to Chinese Censors

In a nod to Chinese consumers, Apple announced earlier this year that its Siri voice assistant will speak Mandarin and Contonese. But in a nod to Chinese authorities, Siri apparently has no interest in bantering about Tiananmen Square. Siri has linguistics limitations when it comes to certain phrases, such as Tiananmen and “6-4,” a reference […]

HD Widgets Turn Ugly UIs Into Things of Beauty

HTC is on its fourth incarnation of Sense, and in my opinion, no one has come close. In fact, they’ve got nowhere near. Muddy teal menus, and crude buttons from Motorola fail to delight; the Honeycomb UI on my Toshiba Thrive tablet with its neon-effect borders looks like it should be part of the UI […]

iPhone 5: What’s Up With the Dock?

When Apple’s next iPhone hits the market, users may notice something different about the device — something that so far hasn’t changed in Apple’s iPod/iPhone line for nearly a decade. The company will switch from the iPhone’s current 30-pin port to a 19-pin port, according to TechCrunch. The basic 30-pin dock connector debuted in the […]

Google Embarks on Language Rescue Mission

Latin maybe the most famous “dead” language, at least in that it isn’t widely spoken beyond its use by the Catholic Church, but it is not lost to the ages. Linguists have been warning that nearly all human languages — save for the most commonly spoken tongues — could become extinct within the next 200 […]

eBay Waves the Green Flag With Huge Fuel Cell Data Center

Online commerce giant eBay on Thursday announced that it will expand its flagship data center in Utah and use renewable energy to power the addition. This expansion will use 30 Bloom Energy fuel cells and will be the largest non-utility fuel cell installation in the United States. The fuel cells will be the primary source […]

In the Lap of Luxury: Tesla’s All-Electric Model S

This summer, Tesla is rolling out its luxury electric car, the Model S, amid much acclaim. “The design and efficiency of the Model S are unparalleled,” said electric vehicle consultant Shannon Arvizu. “It’s a stunningly beautiful car that is incredibly affordable to operate and has ‘oh-my-god’ wow performance. It’s everything you could ever want in […]

Sen. Asks Google, Apple to Control Their Peeping Tom Planes

Google and Apple are bent on a mission to provide the world — or at least users of their respective technologies — with digital images of every place on this planet. Using their systems is the only way many people can see for themselves what everyday life is like in faraway places. However, as these […]

Facebook Slowly Scrubs Off the Stink

Facebook shares are rallying after their post-IPO slump, climbing 22 percent over the past two weeks. Besides a slight downturn on Wednesday, the stock has slowly climbed closer to its initial value of $38 on May 17. After its botched opening, the stock had fallen by as much as 32 percent to $25.52. As of […]

Is Keynesian Economics Relevant Today?

How many of us still remember John Maynard Keynes? Keynes, also called “1st Baron Keynes,” was a British Economist who lived from 1883 to 1946. He has had a profound influence upon macroeconomics, including the economic policies of various governments. Keynes believed in applying monetary and fiscal policies to lessen the deleterious effects of both […]

Satisfaction Survey: Airlines, Fast-Food Joints Less Despised

One would almost think we have entered a stage of customer service nirvana: Two industry categories not ordinarily associated with high levels of customer service satisfaction — airlines and fast food — have garnered relatively good scores in a new American Customer Satisfaction Index report. The operative word here is “relative,” though. The airline industry’s […]

How Microsoft’s Surface Can Win the Tablet War

Microsoft has introduced another new product. This one is a tablet called the “Surface.” If Microsoft is not careful, it could actually be successful with this one — if it plays its cards right, anyway. The Surface will let Microsoft compete head-to-head with Apple’s iPad, Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, and many more. Will […]