Hearsay Social’s Content Exchange Keeps the Conversation Flowing

By now, it has been drilled into most marketers’ heads: Social media is all about conversation — a two-way conversation. Oftentimes, the conversation entails responding to customers’ comments, requests or complaints. From the customer’s perspective, it almost certainly means offers of discounts and specials. What to do, though, when the conversation well runs dry? Well, […]

The Infinitely Agile Cloud

Seven Corners, a travel insurance provider in Indiana, has created and implemented an agile and revenue-generating approach to cloud services. Seven Corners went beyond the typical efficiency and cost conservation benefits of cloud to build innovative business services that generate whole new revenue streams. A VMware-enabled cloud infrastructure allowed Seven Corners to rapidly reengineer its […]

Remodeling Corporate Culture for the Digital Era

While the Millennial generation drives the latest trends in technology, it’s worth remembering that it was the Baby Boomers who put the “e” in email, e-learning and e-commerce. The foundations of the Digital Era that forever changed the way we work, shop, learn and play were built by innovators born from the mid-1940s through the […]

SEC’s Pre-IPO Facebook Queries Fuel Monday Morning Quarterbacking

In the weeks running up to Facebook’s initial public offering on May 17, correspondence between the Securities and Exchange Commission and the social media giant flew fast and furious. The government agency had a number of questions about Facebook’s business model that it felt were not adequately addressed in its S-1 filing early in the […]

Google Sounds Censorship Alarm in Free World

Google announced Monday that it had received more than 1,000 requests from authorities to take down content from its search results and YouTube video service during the past six months. Google has characterized this as an “alarming trend.” The company also released its twice-yearly Transparency Report, noting noted that the requests were aimed at removing […]

IBM’s Sequoia Towers Above All Other Supercomputers

IBM’s Sequoia supercomputer has headed up the most recent Top500 list of the world’s fastest supercomputers. The list, released on Monday at the 2012 International Supercomputing Conference in Hamburg, Germany, is compiled twice a year. Sequoia has overtaken Fujitsu’s K Computer, installed at the RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science in Kobe, Japan. IBM’s supercomputer […]

Skyping in Ethiopia Could Result in Stiff Jail Term

Ethiopia has passed a draconian new law criminalizing the use of Voice over Internet Protocol services such as Skype or Google Talk. People who violate the ban will find themselves facing 10-to-15 years in prison. The government has cited national security as a reason, although it is widely assumed that protecting the market share and […]

FCC to Revisit Cellphone Radiation Regs

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission reportedly plans to reevaluate its current standards on cellphone radiation. The FCC’s current guidelines set maximum levels; however, they were last updated in 1996. Considering the advancement and growth of cellphone technology over the last 16 years, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski has reportedly circulated a proposal calling for a review […]

US Builder Confidence Ticks Up to 5-Year High

WASHINGTON — Confidence among U.S. builders ticked up this month to a five-year high, an indication that the housing market is slowly improving. The National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo builder sentiment index rose in June to 29, the highest reading since May 2007. It increased from a reading of 28 last month, which was […]

Feds Expand Toyota Fire Probe to 1.4M Autos

(DETROIT) — The government has expanded an investigation into fires that can start in the doors of several Toyota models, adding 600,000 Camrys and other vehicles to the probe. The investigation now includes 1.4 million cars and SUVs from the 2007 to 2009 model years. When the probe began in February, it involved more than […]

Who’s to Blame for the Facebook IPO Debacle? Federal Court May Decide

Technical errors caused by the Nasdaq stock exchange helped push down Facebook shares in early trading, the social networking giant suggested in a legal filing late Friday, turning what should have been a triumphant moment for Silicon Valley and Wall Street into one of the worst-performing IPOs in U.S. history. Facebook’s claim about Nasdaq’s performance — […]

When You Don’t Know What to Do, Act

Most people prepare for the future by predicting what will happen and then acting accordingly. But what do you do when the unexpected happens — you get laid off, your project is killed, a new competitor upends your industry? In the face of uncertainty, you need to act immediately. Start by identifying what you want. […]